Copic Tote Dimensions & Directions

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 Ok, so as you know I am slowing down on sewing.  With that and the interest everyone has in the Copic Tote (talked about here). I have decided that I’d just like to give you the dimensions so you can find someone else to make it for you =) I love to sew, but I’m not interested in sewing Copic Totes full time – anything full time for that matter (well, except for my family 😉

So with that, here are the dimensions and some simple instructions without a lot of detail (so, if you’re a first time sewer, go ahead and ask me questions or ask someone to sew it with you.)  Maybe when the snow falls and I have more time indoors I’ll make a pretty little tutorial.  For now, you can find the dimensions and outline of direction in google docs as pdf or spreadsheet.  I just ask that you give credit and link back to myself & Kristy at Some Odd Girl if you blog about it or use it to create from it to sell.

Here are a few photos that I thought may help on some confusing parts.  Please ask if you have any other questions.  Sorry this is totally assuming you sew!

Tip – I use old business cards and butterfly clips to help me stay organized.  I label the sets with the item, dimensions and numbers to cut.  Then if/when I want to make it again I also have the cards!

pockets attaching to sides.

Attached sides to bottom first.  Then attached edges of side.

See the tote lining.

Make sure corners meet correctly. 
Pin, Pin, Pin =)
A few more pics of the corners.  I wanted to do the tote this way because I thought it would have a bit more strength to it.  When coming up to a corner pinch it so the other side lays flat and even with the other.  Do not sew over the fold.  Flip fabric to other side out of the way and go down the other side. 

You can see where I sewed up to the corner and then just flipped it to go down the other side.  I wouldn’t recommend pivoting because you need to flip the fabric over.  😉

Note: the pockets help keep the grid in place so you can mark where your buttons need to go. 

Leave any questions here or let me know if you’ve tried one and link it here too!  (& if you’re making them to sell, just leave a comment too – you get the drift!)

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  1. This is a really neat idea! Great for classrooms or kiddos!

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