Color Inspiration 2012

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I love color, and with that comes my desire to paint.  I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I’m trying to cover up toddler fingerprints or that my taste changes so fast!  Every month I get House Beautiful in the mailbox, sit down and dog ear page after page with my cup of decaf coffee.  Some people look at those magazines and find themselves angry about the fact that they “don’t have” or “can’t have”…..I sit and stare at them inspired by the beauty and encouraged to make something beautiful out of what I’ve been given!

The crafty side of me starts coming up with ideas and I approach my husband who almost always says “That’s impossible!”                                                             To which I answer, “Not for you!”                                                                              And he laughs….                                                                                                           Then within minutes he’s got a little plan and we start brainstorming.                                     He was born with a Pinterest brain 😉

He’s pretty good about it, although sometimes I need to be reeled back in.  I mean, how many colors has our living room been in the past 5 years?  (cough, cough…4) 
So as I look at this year’s color of the year, I see opportunity for splashes of it in places rather than repainting another room in my house.  What do you see?
Pantone Tangerine Tango Journal – $9.95

A lover of color cannot go to the Pantone site without drooling over these journals and mugs.  I mean seriously!  How pretty are these!  

Pantone Color Chip Journal – $9.95

Mug Set – $90

Do you incorporate the color of the year into your life?  Where do you find decor inspiration?  Do you find yourself leaning toward jealousy?  If so, try to lean toward the creative side!
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