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I’m a words girl.  I love to read, write down my heart and love to hear encouraging words.

Maybe a little too much.

I want to hear I am doing a good job.  That I’m meeting exceeding people’s expectations.
I want to hear that I am “rockin’ it” in everything I do.

I’m not saying this is right….it’s what I struggle with.

I look to others to give me validation.

I want to know what I am working so hard on, how I encourage you, etc. is making a difference in your life.

This is wrong.

The place where this ugliness rears it’s head the most?  In my marriage. It’s not my huband’s job to give me my self worth.

It’s not your job either.

God gives life.  God’s word gives me my worth.  Now if only I truly lived that way.

Do you struggle with this at times?

After I wrote this post a friend I met in Spain years ago sent me such an encouraging email.  I really loved getting it and hearing from her.  Her kindness lifted my spirits.  I’m not saying it’s bad to enjoy positive words, it just shouldn’t be where we find our significance.

Thanks friends for your kindness to me as I write my run on sentences and take my poor pictures.  

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  1. oh yes, i struggle with this so very much, especially in my marriage! i find myself saying, “did you notice i cleaned the kitchen?”, “was dinner good?”, “did you notice how i straighted my hair for you?”. silly little things. my husband is always so kind when i ask these questions, thank goodness 🙂 but i’ve got to stop finding my worth in his response.

  2. Me too! I say those things almost word for word! Glad to know I’m not alone in this struggle!

  3. i love your honesty. and if i am honest i would say i experience this quite often. but more and more, through my desire to teach my children where to find their worth, i am letting go of the desire to please. letting go of the desire to be found worthy in the eyes of those that may not even been in my life 5 years from now.
    thanks for your words!! you are precious.

  4. Virginia, what a wonderful post! ME TOO! Thank you for reminding me that GOD gives me my worth.
    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  5. I totally get this – I use that phrase all the time “I need words!” with my husband, who is much more of a non-verbal guy! Great post.

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