God Uses The Simple

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Here’s a bit of un-edited words that came out in the midst of tears after I got off of the phone with my Mom.  She’s getting her 3rd round of chemo tomorrow and is still sick from round two.  Feeling alone and helpless and it being too late to call anyone I turned to my friends online, who are truly friends in Christ.  Thank you.  I am humbled to have you in my life.

God uses the simple.

The simple prayers.
The simple people.
The simple times.
The moments when we don’t know what to say and just sit, God uses that.
The words “How are you?” felt through a computer screen that touches hearts in a moment, 
God uses that.
The tears you cry in prayer,
The words that pour from your soul,
The time you make a meal for someone,
The hours you watch a friend’s child for a long needed date night.
God uses us in the simple moments of life….
allowing us to be apart of what He’s doing and make an imprint with Him, for His glory, for eternity.

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  1. Praying for you and your mom! Hugs.

  2. Praying friend.

  3. Praying for you and your mom today! Love you, friend!

  4. I just recently started following you, but I went through cancer with my sweet mama (the good, the bad, the ugly…the hot-flashy, the everything-smells-terrible-y, etc.), so if you ever want to express some of those thoughts and emotions that can be difficult to share or even recognize fully, my email is nataliecottrell {at} hotmail {dot} com. The Lord doesn’t waste a single tear or heartache, as you know, and the blessings that can come out of this season are beyond imagination. He’s mysterious like that. 😉

  5. prayed for your mom last night. i have a friend who’s mom is going through the same thing. lifting your mom in prayer asking for complete healing…and for you and your family for peace of mind and hope during this difficult time.

  6. I love you, V. Praying for you right now. Call me if you need anything…like to play with your kiddos while you go to the thrift store 🙂

  7. Hugs. If I was closer, I’d take you thrifting and buy you some fabric but since I am here, I’ll send you internet hugs and prayers. Your faith shines through even in the midst of your pain. You are beautiful, friend.

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