Christmas Inspiration/Challenge

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Christmas is just around the corner.  The carols and hymns play while I sip my coffee.  I am sitting at a local coffee shop watching the snow flakes dance in the air before hitting the ground.  Around this time, I pull out the gifts that I’ve already purchased throughout the year and make a list of what I still need to buy.

This year we’re doing things differently.  My husband and I decided that we’re not spending any money.  Say WHAT?  Yes, you read that correctly…. we are not spending money.

These are the rules:

  • We can give anything we already have purchased or own.
  • We can trade an item we own for another item.
  • We can make items out of anything we own but cannot purchase any more supplies.
I thought that I would be stressed out to make a million gifts, but it feels freeing.  I am much more creative. Paul and I are working together on ideas.  It may also help a lot that he is a wood-worker, I sew, and we both have a lot of things stored that we can use.
My church takes the annual challenge to spend less, & give more (to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us).  I’d like you to think about what you will do this Christmas season.  Let’s remember that it’s not all about the gifts for ourselves.  There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts, it’s just when it becomes all about us.  It’s not about making our kids happy by giving them everything they circled in the magazine.  & surely not about making us feel good finding or making the best gift….something that I can easily get caught up in.  I love to give gifts, but I think that I can selfishly be looking for attention from my kids or husband with the perfect gift rather than bringing joy to them.

So, my challenge to you is to sit down and talk about what Christmas means to you.  What should it look like in your family?  Here are some ideas:

  • Buy Local
  • Buy less
  • Donate
  • Buy from companies that donate to others (Better Life Bags, FashionABLE)
  • Don’t buy anything
  • Thrifting only
  • Smaller budget
  • Serve Someone
  • Bake items for neighbors

 Do you have any ideas?  How are you celebrating Christmas differently this year?


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  1. Those are all great ideas…hmmm…

  2. Michelle Smith says:

    We are doing a Homemade Christmas this year too! Some items will be store bought but it’s a big change for us this year. Our budget is way less than last year which is a BIG plus!! 🙂

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about your gifts and how Christmas is different for you all this year =) Hopefully we’ll see each other soon.

  3. I’ve been buying from thrift + antique stores this year. last year I made a lot of gifts but I haven’t had time yet. so at least i’m buying used 🙂 I’m also selling some things (like my maternity clothes) to make some money for Christmas spending

  4. Definitely inspired by this. My side of the family makes a HUGE deal of gifts and I’ve been thinking about how to umm… let them down easily… that we’d rather not do the big gift thing. 🙂 I love the idea of baked goods. In the past we’ve donated money in people’s names instead. Thanks for some great ideas!

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      We’ve totally toned back Christmas presents. We used to buy for every niece and nephew on both sides, siblings, parents, grandparents. Crazy! I’m so glad that over the last few years we’ve talked to our family and we draw one kid name, and skip siblings. I love to give gifts, but it just gets crazy! I’m excited to hear what you decide!

  5. Beth @ dot in the city says:

    You amaze me and I love it! Great suggestions and I whole heatedly agree with how Christmas becomes less about Christ when all the gifts get the attention. Can’t wait to share this idea with the mister!

  6. Great minds think alike. I have a post in my editorial calendar with a very similar focus for Christmas. We’re not doing the big gift giving thing either. It is freeing to be focused on other things this season. Oh, and I need your address. Can you FB or email or DM me? 😉

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