Christmas Update – Coupon Style

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This Christmas Challenge has a lot of you asking questions of me…. here are a few answers.

I have to be careful sharing Christmas presents on here, because my family reads this.  I can share what my husband has been working on.  After long hours at the store, he heads out into the garage and works on cutting boards.  Cherry wood cut, planed, sanded and oiled to perfection.

I’ve been busy in my sewing room.  I will be sharing soon when we get some good light to snap a few pictures.  I am also compiling a list of awesome gifts to make with things that may be lying around your house.  A lot of you are saying that this challenge is easy for me.  Here’s the truth, I do like crafting and sewing but I work at it.  Yes, I’m good at it, but you can figure out what you’re good and and go with it!

In the meantime, here’s a gift we’re giving this year,

I thought about how I could serve them practically and they always have pants to hem.  It is a perfect solution!  The coupon is a gift that kids often give adults, but I challenge you to think of something that shows personal thought and try it!

Coupon ideas for adults:

  • A meal delivered to their home (must give 1 week notice)
  • An evening of babysitting (or dog sitting)
  • Hand me down toys or clothing promised to those with younger kids.
  • Organizing help (do you own a label maker and obsess about organization?)
  • Laundry folding help (no one likes folding laundry, but it’s way more fun with a friend and a good movie!)
  • Yard work help
  • A promise for your amazing perennial plants when you split them in the spring!
  • LISTEN to your friends and family members with ears to hear how they could be served.  Maybe they are talking about repainting or how tired they are.  Listen and come up with an idea!
Do you have any ideas you could add to this list?

What is 1 way that you’re challenging your family this Christmas?

why not share?
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  1. Oh you and your excellent ideas!

  2. Beth @ dot in the city says:

    These are great ideas, V. I used to give my parents coupons as a kid, but I love the grown up ideas here 🙂

  3. great ideas!

  4. I love this for so many reasons!! Thank you! 🙂

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Thanks Lindsy! I’m looking forward to meeting you in person soon! Would love to hear if you pull out the coupons this Christmas =)

  5. Love this!!! You’d never want me to hem a pair of pants (trust me, I did that once for the hubs and he’ll never ask again!!). I’ll have to think of something I’m actually capable of (which also rules out cooking!), but I totally love the ideas you gave! Thanks!!

  6. Love this! Do you have any coupon ideas for long-distance gifts?

  7. the husband and i are on a strict xmas budget– i love the coupon ideas!!

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