A Journey ~ From Shame to Freedom

This past month has been really great.  As much as I hate being in a pit, I love when God takes me out of it.Out of my shame.Out of my contempt.Into His arms.Whispering to my soul, saying to me exactly what I need.Hugging me where I’m at.Tending my wounds & helping me move forward. If you ran into me on the street and asked me about my blog I would probably shift my eyes down and break into a sweat.  {Read More}


Wow!  What an amazing group of people I am surrounded by!  Some question whether true friendships can be made in the blog world, and I say yes.  They may look different, but when we’re connected through Jesus, it is amazing!  Seriously, on my last post some amazing women bloggers left such encouraging words for me.  I am grateful for them and you for your prayers.  (If you struggle with anxiety, go read them!)I’m still not quite sure what all is going {Read More}

Growth Wednesday – or not?

Well, I guess today’s Growth Wednesday post will be more about how life can send us surprises.  😉  There are no pictures, just words today. Let me play my day backwards for you.  It ended wonderfully, snuggling with my daughter and praying with her as she fell asleep.  Precious memory. Before that my kids were running around with their cousins playing. Rewind one more hour and I’m in the E.R. with my kids getting Eliana’s head checked after a huge, {Read More}