Never Content

Wishing away the 70 degree weather in hopes of the 40s and 50s to come I am reminded how short lived my desires can be.  My contentment in the weather may be a picture of my contentment with life at times. When I start focusing inward rather than outward (to others and the bigger picture) and upward (to God most importantly) I wish away the moments. The dirty diapers and toddler squabbles make me wish for my kids to grow {Read More}

Influence – part 1

Imagine going to a place where everyone knows or wants to know your name. A place to connect and be known. A place where friends are made or partnerships begun in an hour long tearful session. Where if you came alone not knowing anyone you are brought into a loving, caring group of non-clicky women. Welcomed. Loved. Encouraged. Challenged. That place for me is the Influence Conference in Indianapolis. 200 women converging on the city for a few days with {Read More}

Running With God

Fall is here and the breezy, cool days call us outside.  Jeans, long sleeves and socks are a welcome necessity after the hot summers.  There’s something about change that brings renewed hope and energy.  We took a short drive as a family and stopped near Lake Michigan to take a short hike through the woods. Jumping over sticks and kicking through the leaves, Eliana ran ahead giggling.  Paul and I smiled as the shy leader took her place on the {Read More}

(in)Couragement for Mothers

Today I’m excited to announce that there are many women who have been preparing and planning for months to create a place for women.  Women to connect from all walks and stages of life.  (in)Courage has found women to lead these groups and I am one of them. If you’re a mother, we’d love it if you’d join Erin and myself in our group.  We’ll mainly be “chatting” in a private Facebook group allowing you to check in and comment {Read More}

God Speaks ~ Even In A Tube

My MRI was last week.  I drove myself (which is a big deal for a girl who gets woozy at the sight of a needle).  Every year at the anniversary of my brain tumor saga I get to go visit the hospital for a test and see my wonderful brain surgeon.  It’s funny to say, but a bit nerve-wracking to be a part of. Shaky in small places, I back into the MRI trailer room and fumble to the bed. {Read More}

The Month That Kicked My Butt

Emotions flying high, daily headaches, inner ear issues, and the looming MRI checkup shut me down.  Forgive me for not writing sooner.  I feel like I’ve avoided all of you…..I went off of my email, facebook, twitter, Instagram, everything. For weeks I have missed you. I opened my computer to write and no words were given. It’s been my prayer that my blog has a purpose and that the words be from God or God honoring. The constant headaches and {Read More}

Moving Forward….

I am nervously writing this post thinking that some of you will take this to heart and think I’m talking about me.  I can honestly say that God is healing my ache and I am more blessed than ever seeing friendships bloom and overwhelmed by support.  This is something I feel like I am supposed to write for those who have a quiet voice.   I’ve been praying and thinking about a lot of things lately.  Conversations with my Mom {Read More}

Serving To Be A Blessing

Tiffany of Mrs. Pate Writes is here today sharing her heart…. I never understood the 1950s images of happy housewives with sparkling kitchens and fresh pots of coffee. They were traumatizing, a sense of oppression. While rocking out to girl power music, and the freedom of our “culture” there were promises of never being barefoot in the kitchen. Now this little house with the feeling of home deep in its bones has opened this feeling of understanding that I never knew was there. A {Read More}

Illuminate Challenge for August

Here’s the verse I’m memorizing for August for the Illuminate Challenge. (I work on memorizing items by playing with design – that’s what you see above.) & I’m reading through Nehemiah for the month. I hope you’ll join me and or take part in #shereadstruth as we follow short reading programs each day. The important thing is that we are reading God’s Word.  Daily connecting with Him.  Our days are filled with words that take the oxygen out of the {Read More}

What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately in the personal department.  We are doing well as a family and just praying for the next step.  I have about 40 personal posts in draft form (including this one) that I have waited to finish writing.  I haven’t been in the mood to open up again.  I needed time.  Many people have reached out as I publicly announced our pregnancy and lost the baby days later.  I began my mourning process {Read More}