Christmas Inspiration/Challenge

Christmas is just around the corner.  The carols and hymns play while I sip my coffee.  I am sitting at a local coffee shop watching the snow flakes dance in the air before hitting the ground.  Around this time, I pull out the gifts that I’ve already purchased throughout the year and make a list of what I still need to buy. This year we’re doing things differently.  My husband and I decided that we’re not spending any money.  Say {Read More}

A Little R&R in Northern Michigan

Rest & relaxation We hit the road to northern Michigan last week for some much needed R&R.  Suitcases packed to the ceiling we hit the highway for a ski resort in off season. Here’s a bit of what we kept busy with.  My husband and I got a ride to the top of the ski hill and played a round of disc golf.  (He played, I walked….it would’ve taken h.o.u.r.s. otherwise.) We stopped at a scenic overlook on a foggy {Read More}

Beautiful Day to Rake!

Today we’re enjoying the last warm day of our warm front up north. The fall breeze and barefoot toes are a fun addition to our annual chore of leaf clean up. Let us take the everyday chores and make them fun.  Run, play, dance, enjoy! Here’s a peak into our day. I hope you’re enjoying your day as well! If you have not entered the book giveaway, you still have time!

Harvest Books Giveaway

As a mother, former teacher & former kids coordinator at my church I have a love of kids books, and when I heard about the partnership with Tommy Nelson Publishers I was excited.  Each month I will review 1 or more items and share how my family liked them.  At the end of the post you will be given the opportunity to win your own copy. If you have a local bookstore near you, I ask that you support them, {Read More}

Running With God

Fall is here and the breezy, cool days call us outside.  Jeans, long sleeves and socks are a welcome necessity after the hot summers.  There’s something about change that brings renewed hope and energy.  We took a short drive as a family and stopped near Lake Michigan to take a short hike through the woods. Jumping over sticks and kicking through the leaves, Eliana ran ahead giggling.  Paul and I smiled as the shy leader took her place on the {Read More}

Family Photo Shoot & Update

A few months ago we had our family pictures taken at Paris Studios in Muskegon.  They took my senior pictures 16 years ago and I have gone to them for the kids’ photos every time.  I contemplated doing outdoor shots, but with my energetic kids and the ever changing weather in Michigan I was concerned that I would be a sweaty, stressed out mess at the end of the session (not even thinking that my hair could be a frizzy {Read More}

Moving Forward….

I am nervously writing this post thinking that some of you will take this to heart and think I’m talking about me.  I can honestly say that God is healing my ache and I am more blessed than ever seeing friendships bloom and overwhelmed by support.  This is something I feel like I am supposed to write for those who have a quiet voice.   I’ve been praying and thinking about a lot of things lately.  Conversations with my Mom {Read More}

Serving To Be A Blessing

Tiffany of Mrs. Pate Writes is here today sharing her heart…. I never understood the 1950s images of happy housewives with sparkling kitchens and fresh pots of coffee. They were traumatizing, a sense of oppression. While rocking out to girl power music, and the freedom of our “culture” there were promises of never being barefoot in the kitchen. Now this little house with the feeling of home deep in its bones has opened this feeling of understanding that I never knew was there. A {Read More}

Vintage Estate Finds!

This summer we’ve been finding a few new vintage items to add to our home.  The first I have to share is this typewriter.  I fell in love with an $80 one at a local second hand store.  Sadly, it stayed there.  A few days later my husband knew what he had found when he was at an estate sale in our neighborhood.  $3 and he brought home a huge surprise for me! On the way to the beach on {Read More}

Prayer for Joy (& Instagram fun)

I’m a bit behind in starting Nehemiah for this month’s Illuminate Challenge.  I read chapter 1 today and it made me compare myself to Nehemiah being in a “comfortable” place and hearing of what is happening in another part of the world to God’s people broke his heart.  He cried out.  He prayed.   Today is the 1st day of our stay-cation.  We have a bunch of things planned.  In the quiet moments I want to get back to writing {Read More}