Christmas Decor

This year we are in the middle of redecorating after finishing off a room in the basement.  This leaves me re-thinking where I put things and how I decorate for Christmas.  Having little kids and the fact that I purged too much stuff for a garage sale (does anyone else do that?) limits my decorations a bit.Avoiding shots of laundry baskets (hey, let’s be real here.  My house is lived in all day 😉 here’s what I have so far…. {Read More}

Living Room in Process!

My husband finished a room in the basement so most of our living room furniture went down there with the tv and cozy couch and chair  & **Woo-hoo** all of the toys!  6 weeks ago if you just dropped by without calling you would have seen clean laundry in stacks on the couch and toys all over (and possibly me in my pajamas). Well, since then I fold the laundry in the basement near the washer and dryer!  (Although it {Read More}

Kitchen Chairs Come to Life!

My Mom just had a kitchen renovation.  With that came the need for chairs for her breakfast nook.  Now everyone knows that my husband and I adore furniture and we have a ton of it.  The first place anyone goes when looking for furniture is us.  Why?  Well, because my husband used to own a furniture restoration business.  We have tables, chairs, a dresser, a piano, all over the county and into the next.  So, back to my story, my {Read More}