Simple Ways to Save Time & Sanity in the Kitchen

Meals can eat up a lot of time in the day.  Not being the biggest fan of freezing and thawing meals or an owner of a large freezer,  I look to save time and money by following a general theme for the week based on a main ingredient or two.  This allows me to purchase what’s in season or on sale. I meal plan based on “planned-overs”.  One set of leftovers morphs into a new recipe the next night with {Read More}

No Soliciting Please!

I had a biting post here that I have decided to delete.  I want Geeky & Sassy to be a place of encouragement, kindness and grace. Here are a few signs my non-designer self made this week.  I’m going to print one out and put it on my door.  I figure that the little neighbor kids with their chocolate will not know what it means and will still knock.  Just right-click save and print at your home.  Use as you’d {Read More}

Amazing Hummus Recipe with 7 Simple Ingredients

The past few weeks I’ve been working on a few exciting projects that I’m almost ready to share with you!  Stay tuned over the next few weeks because it all seems to be coming at once. Today Bernadette will introduce herself and share a recipe for something I have seemed to fail at making over and over.  I’m looking forward to trying her recipe and enjoying some amazing homemade goodness! Hi! I’m Bernadette, and I blog about my life as {Read More}

I’m Still Here!

I’m Still Here. This week there has been a little unexpected time away from blogging.  Here’s a bit of what’s going on with a few prayer requests sprinkled in there.  (Please take this in the least pathetic, whiny voice you can…) My Mom’s chemotherapy is hitting full force.  She’s been getting pretty ill and would appreciate your prayers.  Last chemo is planned for next week. Micah is getting his 2 year molars and had a fever for 2 days.  My {Read More}

Thrifty Tips ~ Save Time & Sanity as You Save Money

I was reading Life on Churchill today and her great finds at a local thrift store.  (She has a beautiful sense of style and is re-doing her mid-century modern home).  I love to save money as well and look for bargains.  I thought I’d share a few of my tricks to find gems in a packed store.  I don’t spend a lot of time.  If I do, I end up talking myself into things I won’t use or don’t need.   {Read More}

Healing the Hoarder in Me : Clothing

I admitted the other week that I like to keep things “just in case”…. not anymore!  A small home calls for less things and more space to fill with people and memories rather than stuff. Here’s another post to the “Healing the Hoarder in Me” series. Promising to be open about what I’m doing I wanted to share with you my closet.  Or, honestly the clean clothes in the play room that don’t make it to the dressers too quickly. {Read More}

Raspberry Punch Recipe

photo by L. Davidson (sis-in-law) Pink and green were the colors of the shower and I was in charge of the punch.  This was a last minute combination I found in the store to replace a punch I found a little too pricy for my taste….Perfectly pink for the arriving girl! INGREDIENTS: 1 can of frozen pink lemonade (thawed) 1 2 liter of lemon-lime soda (cold) 3/4 cup of frozen raspberries – add right before serving or color will leave {Read More}

Healing the Hoarder in Me….

My good old buddy James (did I mention that I am in the Beth Moore Bible study on James?) challenged me this week on my hoarding tendencies.  Not extreme hoarding, but hoarding in the standards that I keep things “just in case” I want it in 10 years.  There are people that can’t clothe their children but I still have buckets of favorite baby items just in case we have another.  Sad, I know. So, I’m challenging our family to {Read More}

Mid Century Reupholstery Progress!

Mid Century Modern Couch Reupholstery Update! I know it’s been a bit of time since I’ve shared our progress.  Honestly we haven’t worked on it as much as we thought we would be able to.  The challenge is great, but we’re banking on the rewards  when we’re done!  Don’t remember the original?  Check it out here when we first started this project.  It’s a couch from my Husband’s Grandma’s home years ago.  We’ve had it in our basement for years {Read More}

Color Inspiration 2012

I love color, and with that comes my desire to paint.  I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I’m trying to cover up toddler fingerprints or that my taste changes so fast!  Every month I get House Beautiful in the mailbox, sit down and dog ear page after page with my cup of decaf coffee.  Some people look at those magazines and find themselves angry about the fact that they “don’t have” or “can’t have”…..I sit {Read More}