You Too?

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”  – C.S. Lewis

The Real You…. Friendship Series

Be Authentic – the real you.  Not the 20 year reunion I’m trying to impress and make you all think I have it all together you….but the you your family sees.   More often than not I’ve found that moms are self-concious of their housekeeping or parenting.  My kids are never perfect.  As I type this the breakfast dishes sit in the sink and it’s lunchtime.  Yesterday’s laundry hides behind a bin of clothes to be sold in a garage {Read More}

Let’s Get Together!

We all hear the phrase: We should get together sometime! Relaxing in bed the other night my husband and I began to chat about how often this phrase is used. We all say it. We all hear it. The question is do we really mean it?  In our generation it seems like it’s just a way to say goodbye.  A tagline at the end of the conversation followed with a “Yeah, definitely!  Call me.” Head over to  A Crisp Life to read {Read More}

7 Mint Green Accessories for Spring

Today I thought I’d share a few things that I think are a fun, inexpensive way to bring a little spring into our steps.  Mint Green has been a favorite of mine, including my nail polish. Color Block Purse from Rouge & Whimsy Mint Green Leather Wrap Bracelet from littlemistore Gingham Bow Tie from Southern Beaus iPhone Case from icasecoutoure Delphinium Lace Headband from Stitch from the Heart Bangle Bracelets from Nola Bead Personalize Feather from The Lonely Heart Oh The {Read More}

3 Books That Have Had a Big Impact

I’ll never forget listening to the words of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” come from my older sister’s mouth.  Laying on our stomachs on our parents bed those pages transformed the room into another place for me. I was frustrated.  I wanted to know how to read.   From that point on I was determined to read like my sister.  I didn’t want to have to depend on anyone to make sense of letters on the page.  I wanted it {Read More}

10 Ways To Get Your Email Under Control – For Good

Welcome to the Healing the Hoarder in Me Series.  Today we’re talking all about the ever-overwhelming inbox.  The digital ball and chain….e-mail. E-mail can give us amazing notes of encouragement, great news and business opportunities.  At the same time this digital hole can bring junk, temptation and the feeling that we’re trapped in a box with a to-do list that doesn’t end.   I “archive” too many emails.  I “star” things I want to go back to and I keep {Read More}

Playing Favorites

Do you play favorites? I’m over sharing about Favoritism in Blogging at Inspired by Family Magazine today.  

The Old Way Wasn’t Cutting It: Sportin’ the New Bangs

I did it. I went for bangs and love them!  For weeks I kept throwing my hair across my forehead trying to picture what they would look like.  I texted photos to my friend and hairstylist (Lynn @ Salon 297 if you’re local – our whole family goes to her) and she played with them a little bit to make them completely “V” (my nickname). I have to admit I pass by the mirror and do a double-take.  Now when {Read More}

Healing the Hoarder in Me….

My good old buddy James (did I mention that I am in the Beth Moore Bible study on James?) challenged me this week on my hoarding tendencies.  Not extreme hoarding, but hoarding in the standards that I keep things “just in case” I want it in 10 years.  There are people that can’t clothe their children but I still have buckets of favorite baby items just in case we have another.  Sad, I know. So, I’m challenging our family to {Read More}

Love Hurts

Speaking the truth in love.  Easier said than done. How do we do this with those we are closest to?  How do we share truths that may hurt without letting our feelings and faults make a mess of things? I’m sure we would be expert guests on every talk show if we had this figured out.  As we stumble around in our relationships with our own judgmental attitudes all we can do is jump in and share out hearts. Hoping {Read More}