God Speaks ~ Even In A Tube

My MRI was last week.  I drove myself (which is a big deal for a girl who gets woozy at the sight of a needle).  Every year at the anniversary of my brain tumor saga I get to go visit the hospital for a test and see my wonderful brain surgeon.  It’s funny to say, but a bit nerve-wracking to be a part of. Shaky in small places, I back into the MRI trailer room and fumble to the bed. {Read More}

My Story ~ The Saga of the Brain Tumor

My friends joke that I have helped the local hospitals earn more money because of MRIs of 30 year old women thinking they may have a brain tumor.  I feel like I’ve been writing long enough that you’d hopefully know my heart when I share this.  I do not want you to be anxious, but I want to share what God has done in my life and how he showed me symptoms so I could be healed. Here’s a part {Read More}

Flashback – 18 months ago….

Well, staying a little more recent again, I have one from September 2009.  It’s a bit more of the serious side of me…. Two amazing friends that drove from Tennessee to Michigan! In the photo I am in the hospital recovering from brain surgery.  Yep, I had a meningioma brain tumor removed after only 9 days of even knowing that I had something wrong.  Crazy, huh!?  I kept having headaches after the birth of my daughter. (who turned 1 just 2 {Read More}