Sometimes We Just Need to Begin Again

The first step is always the hardest. My draft box for writing is filling up as I fear hitting “publish”. As many of you know I stopped writing here when I went back to work and started taking classes. After a few months off I found it difficult to write again. Fear took over and I just pushed it aside, filling my time with more crafts and netflix. Ugh! I don’t feel like this is where I am supposed to {Read More}

God Speaks ~ Even In A Tube

My MRI was last week.  I drove myself (which is a big deal for a girl who gets woozy at the sight of a needle).  Every year at the anniversary of my brain tumor saga I get to go visit the hospital for a test and see my wonderful brain surgeon.  It’s funny to say, but a bit nerve-wracking to be a part of. Shaky in small places, I back into the MRI trailer room and fumble to the bed. {Read More}

What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately in the personal department.  We are doing well as a family and just praying for the next step.  I have about 40 personal posts in draft form (including this one) that I have waited to finish writing.  I haven’t been in the mood to open up again.  I needed time.  Many people have reached out as I publicly announced our pregnancy and lost the baby days later.  I began my mourning process {Read More}

Walking in the Light of God’s Presence

From the shores of Lake Michigan God’s creation sings…. & may we all walk in the light of God’s presence every day.


Today we have one more piece of sweet words from Nadine…. She and the others stepped in when I felt like I needed a bit of time away from writing here.  I am so grateful for their willingness to share their gift of writing here.  One way you can show your appreciation as well is leave a little comment love. ( photo by ) Recently I sat amidst a tired day. I was worn out from work and just done with {Read More}

For Such A Time As This

Today a sweet friend has some encouraging words to share with us.  Meet Jac from babEblessings…. Life has changed so much recently, and honestly I’ve been questioning why I’m here and what my purpose is. I feel like every person I know had decided to let me know every negative thing they think of me. Former employers, family members, former mentors, friends, parents. It’s hard to feel like I have value when everyone I know is telling me every way I’m insufficient; that I have {Read More}

Mourning Begins

Morning Mourning Begins…. The morning began with my usual preggo trip to the bathroom with organs pushing on my bladder.  My calendar was anxiously awaiting me to cross out my post to write on my pregnancy announcement.  I had planned the pictures I wanted to take and the words I wanted to say.  I had posted a picture on Instagram the day before too excited to wait.  The sun came up and everything was beautiful…until I noticed something different.  Something I {Read More}

God Uses The Simple

Here’s a bit of un-edited words that came out in the midst of tears after I got off of the phone with my Mom.  She’s getting her 3rd round of chemo tomorrow and is still sick from round two.  Feeling alone and helpless and it being too late to call anyone I turned to my friends online, who are truly friends in Christ.  Thank you.  I am humbled to have you in my life. God uses the simple. The simple {Read More}

My Story ~ The Saga of the Brain Tumor

My friends joke that I have helped the local hospitals earn more money because of MRIs of 30 year old women thinking they may have a brain tumor.  I feel like I’ve been writing long enough that you’d hopefully know my heart when I share this.  I do not want you to be anxious, but I want to share what God has done in my life and how he showed me symptoms so I could be healed. Here’s a part {Read More}

Tears of Pain and Joy

The same day I get a new hairstyle that celebrates a time of renewal in my life my Mom found out she’s losing her hair.  All of it.  To chemo. A few years ago I had to have parts of my head shaved for brain surgery & had a horrible time with my hair growing back.  I looked like Joe Dirt and felt so awkward.  I cannot imagine what she and other people going through chemo feel.   Cancer scares {Read More}