Going Green with the Roots of Jealousy

I want what you have. I want your new car, your big house or the ministry you have.  I want your thin legs.  I want your spending money, but I don’t want to give up what I have.  I just want it all. Do you ever feel like this?  Staring at others’ lives and wanting what they have.    Jealousy is bitter.   For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing. ~ James 3:16 {Read More}

James is Kicking My Booty

James is Kicking My Booty. I wish I could be saying the same for my Jillian Michaels dvds collecting dust in the basement, but I’m so glad I am changing in my heart. The challenge for February was to read through James.  I hope you read it along with me.  Ready for March’s challenge?  I’m reading through James again.  Yep, 2 months on one book that I seemed to avoid until my 33rd Birthday.  If you’re ready to move on, {Read More}

Joy Whenever

I get the question;  “How do you get your quiet time in when you have two little ones?” My answer?   I put on the Sprout channel or give them the iPad to play games. Or I have helpers with their cereal all over. Ideal?  No. This is my reality. I loved this picture with the title of my study being “Joy Whenever”…. Joy whenever I get to watch my kids welcome daddy back home from work. Joy whenever I {Read More}

But God….

There are times in my life that I can feel overwhelmed with parts of my life story. I stand whining and complaining and ask “Why God!?”  “Why do I have to struggle with anxiety? Why can’t I get over these seemingly simple things I try so hard not to do?  Why did I have to go through this pain?  How did I get myself into this?” I may never know the answers, but rather than focusing on all of the {Read More}


I’m a words girl.  I love to read, write down my heart and love to hear encouraging words. Maybe a little too much. I want to hear I am doing a good job.  That I’m meeting exceeding people’s expectations. I want to hear that I am “rockin’ it” in everything I do. I’m not saying this is right….it’s what I struggle with. I look to others to give me validation. I want to know what I am working so hard {Read More}

Repentance & Being Still

photo of my Grandma taken by my cousin Ann Here’s a quote from one of my studies I’m doing from The Journey Begins workbook through open hearts ministry. Repentance is a sad, lonely and oddly freeing place to find one’s self.  Acknowledging we have come to the end of ourselves requires courage birthed in our brokenness.  We fear uncertainty and the shame of admitting failure.  But great freedom can come from acknowledging that we are inadequate.   I’m finding that {Read More}

I John Reflections

Rebel with a Cause

This is my “good girl disclaimer” when I feel like my best work isn’t being put out there I feel vulnerable ~ this is one of those posts….I’m tired, a bit sick and have kids screaming around me.  This is a look into my brain on decaf coffee ~ I’ve been reading Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman (twitter handle @emilychats) and have been loving it!  It’s hard to know where to start when talking about a book.  {Read More}

Shame & Contempt

shame & contempt – geekyandsassy What happens when you feel shame?  What do you do when you mess up?  How do you react when someone you don’t know questions your parenting in the middle of the grocery store? What is your first reaction?Contempt?  For me, honestly it is (and if you’re honest with yourself yours probably is too).Contempt for me or others (or both). Contempt is your attempt to cover your shame without God.Cover up.Break into cold sweats. Hide.Run away.Get {Read More}

A Journey ~ From Shame to Freedom

This past month has been really great.  As much as I hate being in a pit, I love when God takes me out of it.Out of my shame.Out of my contempt.Into His arms.Whispering to my soul, saying to me exactly what I need.Hugging me where I’m at.Tending my wounds & helping me move forward. If you ran into me on the street and asked me about my blog I would probably shift my eyes down and break into a sweat.  {Read More}