How To Rock Dirty Hair

This post was scheduled for last week, but in light of Connecticut I post-poned.  I feel like any post following that tragedy is too soon, but know that I am still praying and do not take it lightly. As I sit in the coffee shop two teenagers sit down near me and the first thing I hear is a question, “Does my hair look greasy?”  (I promise it’s not my hair that brought that question to mind.  It has been {Read More}

The Old Way Wasn’t Cutting It: Sportin’ the New Bangs

I did it. I went for bangs and love them!  For weeks I kept throwing my hair across my forehead trying to picture what they would look like.  I texted photos to my friend and hairstylist (Lynn @ Salon 297 if you’re local – our whole family goes to her) and she played with them a little bit to make them completely “V” (my nickname). I have to admit I pass by the mirror and do a double-take.  Now when {Read More}