Guilty Mommy ~ by Sarah Crisp

This is a guest post by Sarah Crisp. You can find her at her writing at and connecting at @acrisplife on Twitter, and A Crisp Life on Pinterest.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not that I make it a habit to quote J-Lo, but I remember her saying in an interview that the hardest part about being a Mom is the amount of guilt you feel all the time. I may not agree with her on Idol, but this is one time the judge got it {Read More}

When I Grow Up I Want to Be Like You

Fresh decaf brewed and poured into my favorite mug. The sun beams through the sliding glass door as May finally brings warmth again to the north. I head toward the living room to snuggle with my son. All is well. Suddenly my little one throws a fit at my feet and I bump the wall with my arm. Coffee splatters across the floor and my son dives to splash around in the new puddles. No longer the perfect morning. I’m {Read More}

Mother’s Day Warning : If you give a sewing machine….

This a take off from If You Give a Pig a Pancake and others by Laura Numeroff.  The cutest books ever!  Even the Illustrations by Felicia Bond are just adorable.  Check them out and read them over and over to your kids/grandkids!   I wrote this in honor of my awesome husband last year as Father’s Day approached.  I’m pulling this out to share for Mother’s Day (ideas).  **wink, wink** If you give your mom a sewing machine, she’ll probably want {Read More}

Honoring My Husband

Warning: This may be sappy…. Here’s the man behind me, pushing me forward and encouraging me to be a better  follower of Jesus, wife, mother, friend.   This little boy grew up to lead irrigation crews, teach the toddler room every Sunday, start a business with his brothers, love his family and most importantly seek God for wisdom.     I hope and pray that our children trust in God as much as he does. I’m so proud of him.  He’s {Read More}

8 Instagram Memories Of The Week

Our view from the campsite last weekend. It was beautiful but COLD. A Christmas gift from my husband.  I’m finally reading through my stack of books.  Someone loves her new swimsuit.  Her smile lights up the room.   Just playin’ in the mud with my Tonka truck…. Seriously, there are no words for this. We had an extra friend here for a few days as her mommy had a new baby sister.  Baby Annie is in the hospital until she {Read More}

Randomness About V – things you never needed to know

Beth from Dot in the City tagged me a few weeks ago, to share a few random things with you (after sharing her own here.) 11 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME: I do not like theme park rides (unless it’s Disney World) and neither does my husband. I can throw together a mean soup, but can’t bake anything worthy of serving guests. I want to raise chickens for eggs in my backyard. I’d rather squat in the woods than use a {Read More}


Here are a few moments from the last week.  Enjoy your weekend! Tigger visited us all morning – on an 80 degree day. Tigger continued the morning outside in the dirt.   Play date with friends.  They had a ball! Planted some grass from the produce department in a 50 cent thrifting find. Worked a bit more on reupholstering our mid-century modern couch. It was too beautiful to be sewing inside, so we brought it outside. Getting my creative juices {Read More}

Tears of Pain and Joy

The same day I get a new hairstyle that celebrates a time of renewal in my life my Mom found out she’s losing her hair.  All of it.  To chemo. A few years ago I had to have parts of my head shaved for brain surgery & had a horrible time with my hair growing back.  I looked like Joe Dirt and felt so awkward.  I cannot imagine what she and other people going through chemo feel.   Cancer scares {Read More}

The Old Way Wasn’t Cutting It: Sportin’ the New Bangs

I did it. I went for bangs and love them!  For weeks I kept throwing my hair across my forehead trying to picture what they would look like.  I texted photos to my friend and hairstylist (Lynn @ Salon 297 if you’re local – our whole family goes to her) and she played with them a little bit to make them completely “V” (my nickname). I have to admit I pass by the mirror and do a double-take.  Now when {Read More}

Enjoying Every Minute

Enjoying Every Minute…. Well, maybe not every minute, but I sure have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan.  I’m sitting in my living room with a tank top and skirt feeling the breeze blow through the house. Relaxing, Beautiful, Much needed. So, if I’m missing from the blogging world for a few days it’s because I’m biking to the grocery store with my kids, making fresh salsa, reading the book I got for Christmas and {Read More}