3 Books That Have Had a Big Impact

I’ll never forget listening to the words of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” come from my older sister’s mouth.  Laying on our stomachs on our parents bed those pages transformed the room into another place for me. I was frustrated.  I wanted to know how to read.   From that point on I was determined to read like my sister.  I didn’t want to have to depend on anyone to make sense of letters on the page.  I wanted it {Read More}

Book Review: Jeff Goins’ You Are A Writer (so start acting like one)

book can be purchased here.Find out more info on YouAreAWriter.com I’m not going to lie.  Writing this review has taken me far outside of my comfort zone.  After reading his blog and hearing Jeff speak at the Blissdom Conference in Nashville this year I decided to throw fear out the window and take on the challenge to be 1 of 100 to review his book before it is released.   In the midst of my fears telling me “Why are {Read More}