Vintage Estate Finds!

This summer we’ve been finding a few new vintage items to add to our home.  The first I have to share is this typewriter.  I fell in love with an $80 one at a local second hand store.  Sadly, it stayed there.  A few days later my husband knew what he had found when he was at an estate sale in our neighborhood.  $3 and he brought home a huge surprise for me! On the way to the beach on {Read More}

Thrifty Tips ~ Save Time & Sanity as You Save Money

I was reading Life on Churchill today and her great finds at a local thrift store.  (She has a beautiful sense of style and is re-doing her mid-century modern home).  I love to save money as well and look for bargains.  I thought I’d share a few of my tricks to find gems in a packed store.  I don’t spend a lot of time.  If I do, I end up talking myself into things I won’t use or don’t need.   {Read More}

Mary Blair

image via Magic Jelly blog originally from a Little Golden Book Mary Blair is quite the artist.  I remember reading books and disappearing into the images when I was little.  Not until recently did I realize the artist behind these iconic pieces of art.  You can go to The Magic of Mary Blair website and see some of her work.  Honestly though, I don’t see my favorite images there.  I’ve found them through Google and Pinterest.  When searching I came {Read More}