The Old Way Wasn’t Cutting It: Sportin’ the New Bangs

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I did it. I went for bangs and love them!  For weeks I kept throwing my hair across my forehead trying to picture what they would look like.  I texted photos to my friend and hairstylist (Lynn @ Salon 297 if you’re local – our whole family goes to her) and she played with them a little bit to make them completely “V” (my nickname).

I have to admit I pass by the mirror and do a double-take.  Now when I cheat (almost daily) and throw my hair back in a pony tail I can do my bangs and sport a bit of style at the grocery store and on walks.

Wondering where I’m getting this boldness from?  Actually what attracted my husband to me was “my style” and a bit of spunk.  Somehow I lost that since we’ve been married and had two kids.  I’m reclaiming that little part of me to help show a bit on the outside what I feel on the inside.  

Coming Soon ~ a few things I’ve added to my wardrobe (given to me & thrifted)

What’s one “bold-ish” thing you’ve contemplated doing and took the jump and did it?

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  1. You look great with bangs! I haven’t had bangs since grade school!

    I’ve been wearing belts, wide ones high on my waist, to take my look to a new level.

  2. You look beautiful! Bangs suit you, very cute.

  3. ooh, i love your bangs! they totally suit you and looks so fabulous! way to step out and be brave. bangs are one of those things that is so hard to grow out if they didn’t look good. but, you don’t have to worry about that!

  4. awww your bangs are super cute! 😀

  5. They look beautiful! I am thinking of dying my hair. Excited to get to it, when I have the guts to!

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