In Honor Of Those Who Have Lost & Those Who Love On Them

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In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month, I wanted to share a few people and things that have encouraged me & I hope encourage you as well.

You, the Geeky & Sassy Community have encouraged me.  Your prayers, comments, private emails & shares on Facebook and Twitter helped me feel supported and loved. Thank you.

Jessi from Naptime Diaries wrote a beautiful post today – and if you’re wondering, it was that song that put me in tears that I talked about in my “Ugly Cry” moment last weekend.

A dear friend is having a sale in her shop on her nest rings.  She sent me one this summer.  Two white pearls represent my babies here and one gold pearl our little one in heaven.  Her heart for women is astounding.  She has a sale going on for this month.  Basically, buy one, give one.

Another artist friend sells her artwork in her shop and this is a favorite of mine that she created for those who have lost loved ones….

So, as we walk alongside each other this month (whether we’ve personally lost or not) let us find our hope in God.

If you have a private prayer request, please email me at geekyandsassy (at) gmail (dot) com and I will add you to my prayer list on my pantry door.  Many of you are already there.

Do you have significant items around your house that remind you of God’s faithfulness or hope?  Do you have a verse you cling to that you could share here?

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  1. There is an old crank handle to a window above our kitchen sink that reminds me of God’s faithfulness. When I was growing up in this house my mother would often take her wedding ring off and put it on the handle while doing dishes. Now I put my rings there, on that very same handle. I often think of God’s faithfulness that he has shown repeatedly to our family, through my parents’ marriage, and just by allowing us to have that kitchen sink where Godly women “rest their rings”.

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      What a neat story! I love this! If you ever move you’ll definitely have to take that handle 😉 Beautiful picture.

  2. Oh friend, you are such an encouragement. I haven’t known that loss, and I am so sorry for those that do, but I do pray for you all that God would show you his love in the way that is most comforting and intimate and all-consuming.

    Love you so much.

  3. Our would be our tree bark candles and a tree embroidery hoop I make (and now sell to help others in their adoption process.) We lost two babies an over time we’ve adopted a tree drawling as a symbol for those little ones. They might not be here but they are still part of our family tree.

    heres the little story.. Love you lady.

  4. Oh you and your beautiful heart. I love it so much. I don’t really have any one that holds something special. But I do have scripture up all over my apartment. I have a verse in the entrance way, five along the hallway, three in the kitchen, and more in my room. So not one, but many. I want the name of Jesus and the words He’s given me to be the first I see and think of.

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Are you sure we’re not related? 😉 I had verses taped up all over during college (and still do have them all over, I’ve just moved them to frames from garage sales 😉

  5. Oh friend…. I wish I could hug you in person right now. You are such an inspiration and watching you ladies walk through this kind of suffering only deepens my own faith. LOVE YOU! Bri

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Thank you for your sweet words and I’m so glad we had our late night/early morning chats. =) I’ll take the hug over the internet until we see each other again! love you too! ~V

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