New Faith and Fitness Challenge Groups – Join us!

Happy Friday!  I’m starting a new challenge group.  Join a small group of women at all different levels of living a healthy lifestyle.  Some find themselves drowning in anxiety, others not fitting into their clothes, while others desire prayer and accountability.  I’d love to have you join this group or a future group.  It’s easy to get started.  Just fill out the form below and I’ll get in contact with you.  It would be an honor and privilege to walk {Read More}

Christmas Update – Coupon Style

This Christmas Challenge has a lot of you asking questions of me…. here are a few answers. I have to be careful sharing Christmas presents on here, because my family reads this.  I can share what my husband has been working on.  After long hours at the store, he heads out into the garage and works on cutting boards.  Cherry wood cut, planed, sanded and oiled to perfection. I’ve been busy in my sewing room.  I will be sharing soon {Read More}

My Ugly Cry Moment

I am writing about what I’ve gleaned from this past weekend at the Influence Conference.  I understand most of you were not able to attend.  Please know that what I’m writing also applies to everyday life, & there will be more. Excited to sing to the God who walks with me in my daily mess I walked to the front of the room the last evening of the conference and sat down. The music filled the air and the first few {Read More}

God Speaks ~ Even In A Tube

My MRI was last week.  I drove myself (which is a big deal for a girl who gets woozy at the sight of a needle).  Every year at the anniversary of my brain tumor saga I get to go visit the hospital for a test and see my wonderful brain surgeon.  It’s funny to say, but a bit nerve-wracking to be a part of. Shaky in small places, I back into the MRI trailer room and fumble to the bed. {Read More}

The Month That Kicked My Butt

Emotions flying high, daily headaches, inner ear issues, and the looming MRI checkup shut me down.  Forgive me for not writing sooner.  I feel like I’ve avoided all of you…..I went off of my email, facebook, twitter, Instagram, everything. For weeks I have missed you. I opened my computer to write and no words were given. It’s been my prayer that my blog has a purpose and that the words be from God or God honoring. The constant headaches and {Read More}

Ugh! I did it again…

Why does everything seem to happen in the morning over coffee?  This time it was with my husband. I’m not sure what causes my feelings of inadequacy in our marriage.  Maybe it’s the baby belly nearly 2 years after having my son the fact that I no longer work outside of the home the piles of laundry that sit in our basement family room waiting to be folded or the lies I’m listening to and allowing to define me. These {Read More}

My Story ~ The Saga of the Brain Tumor

My friends joke that I have helped the local hospitals earn more money because of MRIs of 30 year old women thinking they may have a brain tumor.  I feel like I’ve been writing long enough that you’d hopefully know my heart when I share this.  I do not want you to be anxious, but I want to share what God has done in my life and how he showed me symptoms so I could be healed. Here’s a part {Read More}

Tears of Pain and Joy

The same day I get a new hairstyle that celebrates a time of renewal in my life my Mom found out she’s losing her hair.  All of it.  To chemo. A few years ago I had to have parts of my head shaved for brain surgery & had a horrible time with my hair growing back.  I looked like Joe Dirt and felt so awkward.  I cannot imagine what she and other people going through chemo feel.   Cancer scares {Read More}

Anxiety Update

I’ve had some people email me privately asking about my medications for my anxiety….I don’t want to share specific medications on my blog, but I will share with you (in no particular order) some things I’ve learned or have been doing over the past months ~ Just remember Everybody is different &Every-Body is different….What has worked for me, may not work for you. I’ve been taking a low dose of my medicine (and stepped it up just a bit – which {Read More}

But God….

There are times in my life that I can feel overwhelmed with parts of my life story. I stand whining and complaining and ask “Why God!?”  “Why do I have to struggle with anxiety? Why can’t I get over these seemingly simple things I try so hard not to do?  Why did I have to go through this pain?  How did I get myself into this?” I may never know the answers, but rather than focusing on all of the {Read More}