What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately in the personal department.  We are doing well as a family and just praying for the next step.  I have about 40 personal posts in draft form (including this one) that I have waited to finish writing.  I haven’t been in the mood to open up again.  I needed time.  Many people have reached out as I publicly announced our pregnancy and lost the baby days later.  I began my mourning process {Read More}

God Uses The Simple

Here’s a bit of un-edited words that came out in the midst of tears after I got off of the phone with my Mom.  She’s getting her 3rd round of chemo tomorrow and is still sick from round two.  Feeling alone and helpless and it being too late to call anyone I turned to my friends online, who are truly friends in Christ.  Thank you.  I am humbled to have you in my life. God uses the simple. The simple {Read More}

Post Hair Cut Fun – My Mom’s Sass With Her Cancer

Here are a few more shots from our fun Saturday when my Mom had her head shaved as she fights cancer. Do you see my daughter twirling her hair into ponytails like Grammy did?  That night and the next day she pretended to cut her brother’s hair.  I always keep my scissors far from reach, but this time I’m being extra careful. My kids were covered in syrup and apple spread for the rest of the day.  So much for the baths the {Read More}

The Bald and the Beautiful – My Mom’s Battle with Cancer

This weekend we celebrated the fact that my Mom is going through chemo, praying to defeat this cancer.  She decided to “choose joy”and we made a party out of it with the help of a wonderful friend.  This lovely friend came in early to work and reserved the back of the salon for my Mom’s husband, 3 daughters and 7 grandkids. Not wanting the kids to be frightened she made jokes and helped calm nerves by letting the kids cut pony {Read More}

Cancer Party & Prayers of Strength

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating Jesus with family at our home. We didn’t eat the typical meal – I’m more of a fresh salsa and taco bar kinda girl, so that’s what we had.  It was a great time watching the cousins run around and thank God for his grace and forgiveness.  The Rachael Ray dessert I made tasted good, although the pretzel crust turned pretzel crumble.  I’ll stick to preparing veggies. My Mom starts chemo on Wednesday. I {Read More}

Tears of Pain and Joy

The same day I get a new hairstyle that celebrates a time of renewal in my life my Mom found out she’s losing her hair.  All of it.  To chemo. A few years ago I had to have parts of my head shaved for brain surgery & had a horrible time with my hair growing back.  I looked like Joe Dirt and felt so awkward.  I cannot imagine what she and other people going through chemo feel.   Cancer scares {Read More}