(in)Couragement for Mothers

Today I’m excited to announce that there are many women who have been preparing and planning for months to create a place for women.  Women to connect from all walks and stages of life.  (in)Courage has found women to lead these groups and I am one of them. If you’re a mother, we’d love it if you’d join Erin and myself in our group.  We’ll mainly be “chatting” in a private Facebook group allowing you to check in and comment {Read More}

Let’s Get Real

First off, I need to give a BIG, BIG thank you to Virginia for letting me take over her blog today…she really doesn’t know what’s she gotten herself into! Anyways, I think Virginia and I are long lost sisters.  Case in point: I pretty much bought everything she listed on her Instagram sale because it was totally up my alley.  Her taste in fabrics and love for all things vintage is totally my language.  We could do some serious antiquing {Read More}

1983 All Over Again….Prayers For My Daughter

A pink radio circa 1983 was blaring, while a white t-shirted girl lay on her bed.  Her feet rocked out to the rhythms.  She happily hummed along with the songs, and enjoyed the moment she had.  All by herself.  Not a care in the world.   That was me.  Begging my mom for bubble gum and wishing away the time until I could be a “big girl,” drive and have my own family.  Now I’m there and wondering where the {Read More}

Every Move We Make & Weekly Snapshots

In case you missed it…. I wrote a little diddy over at Naptime Diaries this week about how our kids are watching our every move.  While you’re there, check out Jessi’s blog and adorable shop! Here are a few more photos from the week…. Biking with the kids to the grocery store. Feelin’ a bit sassy drivin’ the kids around.   Micah sporting his vintage sweater outfit that I got for 50 cents at a garage sale. That laugh! Don’t {Read More}

Guilty Mommy ~ by Sarah Crisp

This is a guest post by Sarah Crisp. You can find her at her writing at www.sarahcrisp.org and connecting at @acrisplife on Twitter, and A Crisp Life on Pinterest.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not that I make it a habit to quote J-Lo, but I remember her saying in an interview that the hardest part about being a Mom is the amount of guilt you feel all the time. I may not agree with her on Idol, but this is one time the judge got it {Read More}

When I Grow Up I Want to Be Like You

Fresh decaf brewed and poured into my favorite mug. The sun beams through the sliding glass door as May finally brings warmth again to the north. I head toward the living room to snuggle with my son. All is well. Suddenly my little one throws a fit at my feet and I bump the wall with my arm. Coffee splatters across the floor and my son dives to splash around in the new puddles. No longer the perfect morning. I’m {Read More}

Mother’s Day Warning : If you give a sewing machine….

This a take off from If You Give a Pig a Pancake and others by Laura Numeroff.  The cutest books ever!  Even the Illustrations by Felicia Bond are just adorable.  Check them out and read them over and over to your kids/grandkids!   I wrote this in honor of my awesome husband last year as Father’s Day approached.  I’m pulling this out to share for Mother’s Day (ideas).  **wink, wink** If you give your mom a sewing machine, she’ll probably want {Read More}

Grandma’s Plate

Oops! At my Grandma’s house there lived a plate – gorgeous teals, blues and browns.  Hand painted with care and treasured for years by her and many others.  She presented this plate to me just before she passed a year and a half ago.  A treasure to me. This morning this treasure was broken.  Pieces strewn across the kitchen floor.  Tears shed & a mommy choosing grace instead of anger.  You see I’ve been studying in James about these subjects {Read More}

Mommy Time

My Mommy time started Friday night by going out to coffee with a friend.  It was a great time to connect with someone in person and not have kids in tow.   Saturday my sister came over with her 3 kids and stayed all afternoon.  While we were talking she shared how much she had to do and how tired she was. That was it.  I suggested a last minute sleepover and she didn’t hesitate at all.  5pm she was {Read More}