Extreme Makeover

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a personal trainer, dietician, cook and beautician everyday?  I have.  Today I’m sharing what this looks like over at History Diaries while Rebecca takes some time for her studies. At 22 I was at the top of my game. Running every day, fit, drinking a pot of coffee, rockin’ the good grades and a beautiful head of brown curly hair. A few wrinkles were just introducing themselves to my {Read More}

Never Content

Wishing away the 70 degree weather in hopes of the 40s and 50s to come I am reminded how short lived my desires can be.  My contentment in the weather may be a picture of my contentment with life at times. When I start focusing inward rather than outward (to others and the bigger picture) and upward (to God most importantly) I wish away the moments. The dirty diapers and toddler squabbles make me wish for my kids to grow {Read More}

Date Night Circa 2006

I stopped by Moxie Mandie’s neck of the woods and shared a few dates my husband and I have taken.  I hope you’ll be inspired and share a favorite date of your own! Want to know something random?  Mandie and I grew up in the same area of the U.S. and just met online 15 states apart!


Today we have one more piece of sweet words from Nadine…. She and the others stepped in when I felt like I needed a bit of time away from writing here.  I am so grateful for their willingness to share their gift of writing here.  One way you can show your appreciation as well is leave a little comment love. ( photo by www.taylorrebecca.com ) Recently I sat amidst a tired day. I was worn out from work and just done with {Read More}

Let’s Get Real

First off, I need to give a BIG, BIG thank you to Virginia for letting me take over her blog today…she really doesn’t know what’s she gotten herself into! Anyways, I think Virginia and I are long lost sisters.  Case in point: I pretty much bought everything she listed on her Instagram sale because it was totally up my alley.  Her taste in fabrics and love for all things vintage is totally my language.  We could do some serious antiquing {Read More}

For Such A Time As This

Today a sweet friend has some encouraging words to share with us.  Meet Jac from babEblessings…. Life has changed so much recently, and honestly I’ve been questioning why I’m here and what my purpose is. I feel like every person I know had decided to let me know every negative thing they think of me. Former employers, family members, former mentors, friends, parents. It’s hard to feel like I have value when everyone I know is telling me every way I’m insufficient; that I have {Read More}

Amazing Hummus Recipe with 7 Simple Ingredients

The past few weeks I’ve been working on a few exciting projects that I’m almost ready to share with you!  Stay tuned over the next few weeks because it all seems to be coming at once. Today Bernadette will introduce herself and share a recipe for something I have seemed to fail at making over and over.  I’m looking forward to trying her recipe and enjoying some amazing homemade goodness! Hi! I’m Bernadette, and I blog about my life as {Read More}

Washing Dishes Builds Character

Hi y’all! My  name is Amanda and I’m the creative mind behind Royal Daughter Designs. I’m a country girl, farming and ranching on 8 beautiful Texas acres. My husband, Mr. E., is a minister and a seminary professor and  I’m a small business owner and graduate student. I’m a has-been foster mom, a self-proclaimed animal lover, laundry procrastinator, sweet tea junkie, and high-heel hater.  One thing I love about the Lord is how gentle He is when he’s teaching me an important lesson. I remember a night {Read More}

“Get Over Yourself” & Sponsor Lovelies!

Before I introduce you to two lovely ladies I wanted to let you in on a few things – 1 – I’m over at Better Life Bags sharing another post in my Friendship Series – “Get Over Yourself” 2 – Are you still reading through Matthew (part of the Illuminate Challenge?)  I’ll share a bit this week on what I’m learning. 3 – Lightning struck on Saturday and sadly fried a few electronics in our home.  We’re talking our tv, {Read More}

Let’s Get Together!

We all hear the phrase: We should get together sometime! Relaxing in bed the other night my husband and I began to chat about how often this phrase is used. We all say it. We all hear it. The question is do we really mean it?  In our generation it seems like it’s just a way to say goodbye.  A tagline at the end of the conversation followed with a “Yeah, definitely!  Call me.” Head over to  A Crisp Life to read {Read More}