Date Night Circa 2006

I stopped by Moxie Mandie’s neck of the woods and shared a few dates my husband and I have taken.  I hope you’ll be inspired and share a favorite date of your own! Want to know something random?  Mandie and I grew up in the same area of the U.S. and just met online 15 states apart!

Perception and Assumptions in Marriage

When asked to be a part of this series I had a hard time thinking of how I could share without crossing boundaries and privacy levels in my marriage.  When I say I am open on my blog, I am, but it’s with “my story” and not bringing in others’ personal stories.  With that said I decided to take a bit of a different twist ~ so here it goes! There have been plenty of times I have disappointed others {Read More}

Ouch! Sorry Hubs!

This was hard.  My homework from my Bible study for this week was to write a letter of apologyto my husband. Um, yeah.  Not fun. I’d like to think that I’m a good wife.  I love my husband, make dinner, take care of our kids, give him time away with his friends.  Really, we make a great team.  When we fight, I say I’m sorry and we move on.  Then why do I have to write a letter of apology? {Read More}