Illuminate Challenge for August

Here’s the verse I’m memorizing for August for the Illuminate Challenge. (I work on memorizing items by playing with design – that’s what you see above.) & I’m reading through Nehemiah for the month. I hope you’ll join me and or take part in #shereadstruth as we follow short reading programs each day. The important thing is that we are reading God’s Word.  Daily connecting with Him.  Our days are filled with words that take the oxygen out of the {Read More}

Illuminate Challenge June ~

I was praying about what book to do next and Matthew it is.  The first book of the New Testament (The Bible is split into 2 sections – the Old Testament which is everything before Jesus came to earth and the New Testament which talks of when Jesus came to earth and after.)  Matthew is a biography of Jesus’ life.  Whether you’ve been a follower of Jesus for a long time or a few weeks, let’s read this together.  Let’s {Read More}

Illuminate Challenge in Romans: Friendships

If you’re new here, check out what the Illuminate Challenge is all about above in the menu bar. I couldn’t help but pray through the verses in Romans chapter 12.  They are making a huge impression in my mind and heart.  What does it mean to be a friend?  This is something I’m taking on in a new “Friendship Series” where I’ll share what I’ve been learning and challenged in. Romans 12:9-17 9 Love must be honest and true. Hate what {Read More}

Confident and Good ~ A Peek Into Romans 12

Romans Every month we’re reading a different book of the Bible together.  Challenging ourselves.   Not to say that we’ve read it, but to be changed by God and His Word. Not because of rules, but because God desires us to spend time with Him and deepen our relationship.  I hope you’ll join us.   There’s so much in Romans I can’t help but just pick a few things out.  Today these verses stuck out to me….  (Romans 12:3-8) God’s {Read More}

I Am Not Ashamed ~ Illuminate Challenge

Today we’re hearing from Kathleen at Printable Scripture and what she is learning in Romans this month.   Hi, I’m Kathleen, owner of Printable Scripture started off with a desire to continue honing in my skills as a graphic designer. I have always loved beautiful typography. Noticing a lack of simple, elegant scripture posters, I decided to give it a go. It was also a way for me to meditate on the word while designing a poster. I started this {Read More}

Outlining Romans 1 and Feeling Vulnerable

It’s exciting to hear how many of us are reading through Romans together this month!  Early morning moments over coffee or lunch breaks….we’re putting God’s Word as a priority.  Today I’m going to share what I’ve learned as well as one way I study the Bible.  I prefer to type my thoughts out.  Part of me misses writing it in my journal but honestly my thoughts are all over the place and I can type and add things quickly on my {Read More}

Romans 1

They are full of every kind of sin, evil and ungodliness. They want more than they need. They commit murder. They want what belongs to other people. They fight and cheat. They hate others. They say mean things about other people. They tell lies about them. They hate God. They are rude and proud. They brag. They think of new ways to do evil. They don’t obey their parents. They are foolish. They can’t be trusted. They are not loving and kind. {Read More}

Illuminate Challenge: Romans

Last month for the Illuminate Challenge we read through 2 Peter. This month we’re going to read through Romans.  Are you up for the challenge?   The verse I chose to memorize this month is: If you declare and believe you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. ~ Romans 10:9-10 NIV This challenge is for you to read a book {Read More}

2 Peter Illuminate

How is 2 Peter going for you?  If you joined us for the Illuminate Challenge….. Red.Letter.Ink Print from etsy for $20 What are you learning this month?  

Seeking Answers by Reading Backwards – Illuminate

Are you reading along with us in 2 Peter* this month?   *(It’s a 3 chapter book in the New Testament of the Bible).  Years ago my Mom told me when re-reading something, try it in chunks backwards.  It makes you ask questions and helps you focus rather skim, knowing what’s is coming next.  Here’s a little peek into how it works. I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday, much less what I read or heard a {Read More}