Vintage Estate Finds!

This summer we’ve been finding a few new vintage items to add to our home.  The first I have to share is this typewriter.  I fell in love with an $80 one at a local second hand store.  Sadly, it stayed there.  A few days later my husband knew what he had found when he was at an estate sale in our neighborhood.  $3 and he brought home a huge surprise for me! On the way to the beach on {Read More}

Prayer for Joy (& Instagram fun)

I’m a bit behind in starting Nehemiah for this month’s Illuminate Challenge.  I read chapter 1 today and it made me compare myself to Nehemiah being in a “comfortable” place and hearing of what is happening in another part of the world to God’s people broke his heart.  He cried out.  He prayed.   Today is the 1st day of our stay-cation.  We have a bunch of things planned.  In the quiet moments I want to get back to writing {Read More}

Friday Snapshots and Reads

Thank you for your patience this week as I took some time off to regroup and take care of my family.  You all are seriously the best!  Your kind words and prayers are overwhelming.  Know that when you ask me to pray, I do as well.  I have a list on my pantry door that I look at throughout the day and pick a request and pray.   Here are a few shots from the last few weeks in Instagram. {Read More}

Every Move We Make & Weekly Snapshots

In case you missed it…. I wrote a little diddy over at Naptime Diaries this week about how our kids are watching our every move.  While you’re there, check out Jessi’s blog and adorable shop! Here are a few more photos from the week…. Biking with the kids to the grocery store. Feelin’ a bit sassy drivin’ the kids around.   Micah sporting his vintage sweater outfit that I got for 50 cents at a garage sale. That laugh! Don’t {Read More}

8 Instagram Memories Of The Week

Our view from the campsite last weekend. It was beautiful but COLD. A Christmas gift from my husband.  I’m finally reading through my stack of books.  Someone loves her new swimsuit.  Her smile lights up the room.   Just playin’ in the mud with my Tonka truck…. Seriously, there are no words for this. We had an extra friend here for a few days as her mommy had a new baby sister.  Baby Annie is in the hospital until she {Read More}

Insta-Week – The Week We Spent with the Snowmen

Woah,  Wait up!  It can’t be another weekend!   Time sure does fly when you spend every sunny moment outside in snowman pajamas. And I got to sew this week for the first time in awhile.     Not counting the vintage coffee mugs were finally hung by our Georges Briard canister set!    On the chillier days we can be found inside making tents with our vintage sheets and blankets.     A little thrifty find we finagled with {Read More}


Here are a few moments from the last week.  Enjoy your weekend! Tigger visited us all morning – on an 80 degree day. Tigger continued the morning outside in the dirt.   Play date with friends.  They had a ball! Planted some grass from the produce department in a 50 cent thrifting find. Worked a bit more on reupholstering our mid-century modern couch. It was too beautiful to be sewing inside, so we brought it outside. Getting my creative juices {Read More}

Enjoying Every Minute

Enjoying Every Minute…. Well, maybe not every minute, but I sure have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan.  I’m sitting in my living room with a tank top and skirt feeling the breeze blow through the house. Relaxing, Beautiful, Much needed. So, if I’m missing from the blogging world for a few days it’s because I’m biking to the grocery store with my kids, making fresh salsa, reading the book I got for Christmas and {Read More}


This past week we went up north 3.5 hours in Michigan to snow shoe and go sledding with the kiddos.  On the way up we stopped in some thrift shops and found a few things as well as picked up a stomach bug. 2 days after we got there sickness went through all 3 condos (my husband’s family all met there to celebrate Christmas together.) Yuck.  End of that story! It was a beautiful place and we got to rest {Read More}

My Week in Instagram

I got my hair and nails done at the salon!  (& yes, even a bit of eyebrow and lip waxing!) My baby boy napping – how could I resist snapping a picture!? Eliana trying out her winter boots in a huge mud puddle. Painted our vintage fridge in the basement with chalkboard paint.  I love that I can write messages on the top and the kids can color on the bottom.   I had my first shellac manicure & sported {Read More}