Snapshots of Christmas

This month has brought healing, anxiety, peace and surprises.  With all of the emotions and feelings flying around I clung to the birth of Jesus.  The birth of our Savior, My Savior.  The One who I would not make it through the day without.  Reminders of His sacrifice for me greets me around every turn in my house.  I wait until New Years Eve to take down the decorations. Here are a few images of the past week…. & the {Read More}

Christmas Challenge ~ Trading Ways

  This year’s Christmas Challenge has been a lot of fun.  I have met amazing people through my site and Instagram.  A month ago I put out a call that I wanted to trade some items I have for American Girl clothing or other items. Within a Day, AdalinesNest responded.  A few messages back and forth and we had traded 4 American Girl Outfits, Bath Salts, a Hand Scrub and a Candle for a leather clutch, and cutting board made {Read More}

Christmas Update – Coupon Style

This Christmas Challenge has a lot of you asking questions of me…. here are a few answers. I have to be careful sharing Christmas presents on here, because my family reads this.  I can share what my husband has been working on.  After long hours at the store, he heads out into the garage and works on cutting boards.  Cherry wood cut, planed, sanded and oiled to perfection. I’ve been busy in my sewing room.  I will be sharing soon {Read More}

Christmas Challenge Progress

The other day I shared this Christmas Challenge we’re taking as a family to not spend one dollar on Christmas presents. Weird, I know.  You can read more here. This is not a challenge so we can brag about it.  The presents won’t be perfect, but there will be a lot of love and thought going into them. For example, last February I thrifted a crib dust ruffle.  I took it yesterday and made 2 ruffled aprons out of it. {Read More}

Christmas Inspiration/Challenge

Christmas is just around the corner.  The carols and hymns play while I sip my coffee.  I am sitting at a local coffee shop watching the snow flakes dance in the air before hitting the ground.  Around this time, I pull out the gifts that I’ve already purchased throughout the year and make a list of what I still need to buy. This year we’re doing things differently.  My husband and I decided that we’re not spending any money.  Say {Read More}