Christmas Challenge ~ Trading Ways

  This year’s Christmas Challenge has been a lot of fun.  I have met amazing people through my site and Instagram.  A month ago I put out a call that I wanted to trade some items I have for American Girl clothing or other items. Within a Day, AdalinesNest responded.  A few messages back and forth and we had traded 4 American Girl Outfits, Bath Salts, a Hand Scrub and a Candle for a leather clutch, and cutting board made {Read More}

Simple Ways to Save Time & Sanity in the Kitchen

Meals can eat up a lot of time in the day.  Not being the biggest fan of freezing and thawing meals or an owner of a large freezer,  I look to save time and money by following a general theme for the week based on a main ingredient or two.  This allows me to purchase what’s in season or on sale. I meal plan based on “planned-overs”.  One set of leftovers morphs into a new recipe the next night with {Read More}