Swimming Safely

I grew up around water.  I lived in the water all summer long.  Lake Michigan and pools were my favorite places to hang out. I played Water Polo in High School and did a Synchronized Swimming Club for 4 years.  With my involvement and love of water I thought a logical next step would be to become a certified lifeguard. I’m glad I did, and so is an 8 year old girl (who’s now 15). Water is beautiful, calming, peaceful, {Read More}

Rock Star Surfer Hair

Yep, my son has what we call “surfer hair”.  The hair that swooshes off to the side and seems awfully too long to the people in my parent’s generation. I love it.  It doesn’t seem to bother him and it fits his personality.  We keep going back and forth on how it should look.  The kid’s hair grows fast.  We can’t keep up with hair appointments, so he inadvertently ended up with long hair. Now I can’t let go. What {Read More}

Seuss Birthday

Please excuse the un-edited photos – They could be lighter and brighter, but hey, you get the idea =) My son and daughter turned 1 and 3 respectively within 5 weeks.  With family out of town and tons of Birthdays we decided to celebrate on the same day.  If you remember this post from the past, I made some invitations with the help of photo editing software: It started out as possibly a Monkey theme and ended up full-fledged Dr. {Read More}

Tent Camping Secrets to parents of toddlers – part 1

this is actually Muskegon Lake that connects to Lake Michigan.  This was right across the drive from our site.  The morning sunrise site 1 camping.   We went twice to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan – one night at a time.  (Michigan State Park – Muskegon Channel for you local readers) They were like mini – training nights for both kids and parents.  Here are a few things I learned while camping with my little ones.  This isn’t an {Read More}

Outdoor Art Easel

This is a tutorial I shared this spring over at the Brassy Apple. I just thought I’d like to have it on my blog over here as well.   I have an obsession with kid and teaching supplies.  I used to teach, so I guess it’s the leftovers of that.  Anyway, I still get all of the magazines, and something similar to this came in one of them.  I can’t say I invented it, but my hubby sure made if {Read More}

My Girl’s Spring Coat ~

Spring is here and I got a bit distracted from sewing things for my new shop.  I love this pattern by Kitschy-Coo.  It is very easy to understand and looks awesome!  There’s a fall version that I made for her the other year and she gets compliments every time.  I think it’s the assymmetrical and the fact that it’s fully reversible.  I’ll have to grab a few pics of that one as well. The coral looks red in the photo, {Read More}