Removable Chalkboard in Your Kitchen ~ A little DIY for under $12

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My boring cupboards needed a pick-me-up and this weekend I pulled out the Chalkboard Contact Paper and covered two doors.  I want to share with you a few tips on how to do this the easiest.

  • I had my cupboard doors off and this worked easily.
  • Clean surface well and allow to dry.
  • Lay contact paper face down and score edge to fit.  Line up the manufacturer’s clean edge with one side of cupboard.  Mark top, bottom and opposite side.  There is a grid to make sure that you are staying square.  (see photo 1.)
  • Peel back corner and begin slowly putting on your cupboard.  It is pretty forgiving to take off and begin again.  Be careful not to stretch or bend the paper.  (see photo 2.)
  • Slowly work your way from one corner to the other until you are pulling straight from the paper.  (see photo 3.)  Use your arm to help push bubbles out.
  • Put your cupboard doors back on and draw!  I find that chalk markers work the best.


I have also used this contact paper to label dry goods in my pantry….

What would you put on a kitchen chalkboard?

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  1. How was I unaware such a magical thing existed? What a great use! I wish my cupboards had a recess like yours to do this on. Hmmm. What can I cover with chalkboard contact paper?………..To be continued. 🙂

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      I bet you could trace and cut out an awesome design for the edge and put right on your wall or a cupboard. I hope you share with me what you come up with =)

  2. Chalk Markers?!? Where do you get those? This looks so adorable. It helps that you have really pretty writing…I’m not sure mine could measure up. But either way this is an awesome idea.

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      I didn’t know where to find them locally, so purchased one on amazon. Maybe the local craft store as well?
      Thank you Heather for your kind words =)


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