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I’m part of a community of women of Influence and today we’re sharing where we are from.

I am from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.  It is a beautiful place to grow up and raise a family.  I am often spoiled by the summers, but it’s never too crowded as no one wants to handle the long winters.

If you ever came to visit,

  • I’d take you to the famous Bernie O’s Pizza for the twist.
  • Walk the Grand Haven boardwalk (where I grew up) to watch the boats, tourists and scarf down an ice-cream.
  • We’d go kayaking in Hobie kayaks (from the best outdoor store in West Michigan).
  • Buy our fresh veggies from the farmer’s market & head back to grill them in my backyard.
  • An entire day would be devoted to hanging out at the beach.  Tents hauled down there (don’t worry, my husband has enough), coolers and plenty of sunscreen.  Where I live on the north side, not many people go, so it’s much less crowded and the water is blue!
  • Forgetting something we need for dinner, we’d pile the kids on bikes and in carriers and take off to the store around the corner in flip-flops.
  • Oh, and if you come in May or June, Saturday mornings for 2 hours we’d probably hit up a few garage sales before heading to the Cheese Lady.
  • There are a few great shops like Continuity, and restaurants downtown, including Mia & Grace for organic, fresh food.
  • & don’t forget the movies on the old ship, just after the sun sets over the lake.

So, that’s my hometown in a nutshell.  What are some of your favorite places to do or go in your hometown?  If you live in West Michigan, what did I forget to mention?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I want to come visit you so badly after reading this. That sounds like SO much fun! We’re actually kind of close… if you count within a days driving distance as close. Hehe 🙂 I live in Northern Kentucky, right outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I spend a lot of time in coffee shops, at the park, or at home, but love when I’m able to visit the Cincinnati Zoo, going to the Art Museum, riding the ferry across the Ohio River, or going to the drive in during the summer. 🙂

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Oh, I love the drive-in as well! I’m so glad that there are still some. Let me know when you’re in the area 😉

  2. love the font! we are hoping/planning a trip to Lake Superior this summer. Horray for the great lakes 🙂 I would love to live near a beach like this!

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Have fun! It is so funny how far MN really is, it doesn’t feel like it, but it really is quite far! Have fun at Lake Superior!!

  3. Oh, how I miss Michigan. I am so, so happy I get to come home in August. 🙂 Muskegon really is a wonderful place.

  4. I want to come over ASAP!

  5. I guess you are friends with my sister in law. I was raised in west Michigan but haven’t lived there in nearly 20 years and as you we all know, a lot has changed. I think we should get Sonya, you and the friend I am coming up there with and at least make a girls day of it….

    • I’ll be bringing my friend the last week of July.

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Ack! I’m such a slacker the last few months! So are you Paul’s sister? I’m so sorry I missed writing you back. A coffee or thrifting would be fun if it works out =)

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