Things I’ve Learned or have been Reminded of in the Past 3 Months… (& winner announced).

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  • God is patient.
  • God has a plan, I have no idea what it is, and it drives me nuts and gives me peace at the same time.
  • When I don’t write here for awhile, I miss all of you and the community you bring to my life.
  • I love to write and I miss it.
  • I enjoy central air in Michigan. I used to giggle at it since we only have 3 months of summer, but I “get it” now. My days are no longer spent at the beach taking care of myself, but are filled with sweaty kids, sprinklers, sand and nap times. I now understand.
  • God gives grace, and more grace.
  • God gives clarity of mind, time and strength when faced with the “impossible”.
  • I love to teach and learn.
  • There is life in rest.
  • God desires all of us.

  • I really care for my students and pray for them. I’m not the only teacher who does. There are millions of teachers shining God’s light in the schools by staying up late planning, teaching, praying and sacrificing for our kids.
  • My husband steps up and supports me like no other.
  • My kids bless me everyday and teach me patience, gratitude and laughter. I am so overwhelmed by the idea that I get to be their Mom (although I’m not going to lie, I get exhausted too…just ask my husband and the “sanity calls” he gets at work).
  • I learned that when I ask a confusing question it limits comments in response to a simple giveaway. Oops!

What have you been learning? What have I missed in your life? Something to celebrate? Is there something you’d like me to pray for? email me for privacy at geeekyandsassy (at) gmail (dot) com.
& now for the winner of the book from last week’s review…
Stephanie from Sand and Starfish! Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you!


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