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Dear family and friends, and new friends from the internet!

We are in awe of all of the words of support from you.  In addition, there have been a lot of private messages as to how you can help, or wanting more information.  The siblings we are bringing into our home are 12 and 13 years old.  We are not allowed to share a lot online, so we will share as we can.  I know you’d love to see a picture, and if you catch me with my phone, I will show you!  They just found out they were coming yesterday.  They are beyond excited!

Please know that we see this fundraising as God allowing all of us together to be a part of these lives changing.  It is not about us.  It is about God moving and us taking steps.  It is not about our family bringing them here, but all of you as well.  Because you have asked for specifics, we will let you in on them: We began the fundraising process late, so we have already passed the first amount due.  We put up money already that is not included on the fundraising page, and are humbly asking for you to participate in one or more of these ways:

Because you have asked through emails, messages, texts, and in person…

  • Donate here. (If every one of my FB friends donates $10 we would be over our goal… It was such a cool thought.  So often we think that $5 can’t make a difference, but it can and does!).
  • Purchase something from our fundraising page on Facebook.  In order to not fill your Facebook feed with the excitement of our fundraiser, we have created a page where we will post everything.  With this, you can shut off your notifications and pop in and check things out!
  • Clothes Donations (like new condition)- Girls size 7 (skinny jeans, shirts, shorts), men’s size small (skinny jeans, shirts, shorts).  The arrive with one onfit on, and one in a carry-on.  (They are 12 and 13 years old).
  • Participate in our #BringDandKtoUS challenge, where you give up something you may spend money on, take a picture of you doing the alternate activity, donate the money you saved, and post a picture with the tag!  I’ll have more info on my blog soon.  For example, skip the movies, go to the park, snap a picture use the hashtag (#bringdandktous) on instagram or facebook.
  • Share the post with your friends!  Even if no donations come, God’s amazing story is being read all over!
  • Most importantly PRAY!

If you are silently wanting more answers like “isn’t that mean bringing them here, and just sending them back?”, Here’s the FAQ page.  If you have another, please don’t hesitate to message or call!

Any donations online can be anonymous, or you may put your name on it.  It is all tax deductible.  If you want to send a check donation instead, do not put our name on it, put the number B0087 in the note line. 

twitter, facebook, rss
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