My Story ~ The Saga of the Brain Tumor

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My friends joke that I have helped the local hospitals earn more money because of MRIs of 30 year old women thinking they may have a brain tumor.  I feel like I’ve been writing long enough that you’d hopefully know my heart when I share this.  I do not want you to be anxious, but I want to share what God has done in my life and how he showed me symptoms so I could be healed.

Here’s a part of my story that I shared at The Journey a few years ago.  I was pregnant with my son.  You can check out my combover and the beginnings of my rockin’ mullet.  And yes, I know I’m a face talker.  It took everything in me not to be waving my hands around as well….

why do the videos have to stop at the worst shot?
Now this may seem so random, but as I shared my story with my Blissdom roomies Anne, Alison & Andrea they asked me if I had symptoms before the 9 day fiasco.  This made me realize that when I tell my story I never include all of the symptoms that I had been having (but never got checked out).
  • Daily headaches for years (I just thought I needed to go to the chiropractor)
  • The feeling that I was “going crazy”.  There were nights when I would just cry and ask my husband if I was having PPD and needed medicine.  My personality was changing and I couldn’t handle things like I had always been able to.  I wish I would’ve asked for help.  (The tumor was in the front “emotional” part of the brain.)
  • The inability to organize my thoughts or life.  
  • The feeling that my eyes were crossing when I would lay down and close my eyes. (8 months before diagnosed).
  • Inability to sleep.  I would stay up until 2am or 3am before I could actually get to sleep.  This was with a newborn.  
  • Days before my surgery my eyes stopped tracking correctly because the tumor was pushing on my optic nerve.  
Hopefully this will ease some of your anxiety when you get a headache.  I guess the best thing I can say is get it checked out if you’re not sure, but it is pretty uncommon in younger women.  
Doctors are not sure what causes Meningiomas but they believe it may be tied to estrogen.  Now part of me is nervous to get pregnant again due to all of the hormones that fly through our bodies to grow our little ones.  BUT I don’t want to make decisions based on fear.  
God shows up in our biggest, loudest times of fear and in our quietest darkest moments.  
Talk to Him.  Cry out to Him.  
He’s here.  

How have you experienced God’s peace in your life?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Wow!
    I have never been through anything like cancer.
    I have had to fight depression. Hormonal imbalance and growing babies go hand in hand for me.
    But I have also been enable to experience God’s peace. Even just weeks ago through trials. When attacks are coming, coming. And I was fighting. And then I surrendered. “Let patience have her perfect work…” And God filled me with His peace. The situation has not changed. But my reaction to the situation has.
    I am so glad I found you. Even in just a short week, your heart has blessed me.=)
    Are you going to Influence? If so, I can’t wait to meet you!

    • Yes, I’m heading to Influence! It’ll be so nice to meet in person! =)

      Thankfully my tumor was tested and it was not cancer. I guess there’s a 10% chance it will come back. I’m praying that it doesn’t.

      I’m so glad that God is giving you peace in your difficult situation. It’s awesome how God fights for us and desires His peace for us!

  2. I loved hearing your story. Trials come in all shapes and sizes. Fear and anxiety are crouching at the door with the enemy. It is a deliberate choice to become aware of them and combat them with the truth of scripture.

  3. thank you for sharing this. It seems God speaks most clearly to me in the “valleys” I loved some of the things you said like calling life “His story” and that God’s plans are bigger than me. sweet reminders 🙂

  4. this is crazy, no it is divine… last year i too was diagnosed with a brain tumor and i could have hearing what you said could have been me with some minor differences (we’re a military family and i was in korea with my husband and kids when we got the news). i found out after a regular gyno check where i mentioned i still lactaided and my kids weren’t babies anymore and one thing led to another and the MRI showed that i had a brain tumor – you know how it goes. my world turned inside out and i started to organize my life in case i was gone… anxiety kicked it, nights full of tears, letters to be written to my kids, scrapbooking memories, etc. then there was GOD! i was angry and then there was the calm… and then came his message. and then came Phil 4!!!!!! I had a prophetic word spoken to me that my faith would heal me and it did, I did not have to go to surgery. After another MRI, it disappeared! God is good. My migraines are still a daily reminder of what i went through but i know that i am healed and i just wanted to share that with you. i recently started a blog about teaching – i’m teaching my kids… but i’ve never blogged or shared publically what happened to me, only with a selected few, but i had to share with you (who i’ve never met) because it was so similar. God bless you!


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