The Blessings Jar (& a Giveaway!)

This summer has been full of family times at the beach, grandparents, pool and backyard.  Amidst the chaos, late bedtimes and little ones waking up with the sun we have had a house full of potty talk and whining. “It’s NOT fair!” Oh yes, the phrases of summer that accompany the smell of freshly cut grass.  Sayings that my 2 year old and 4 year old have grumbled before lunchtime or just before dinner. “No, that’s mine!” “Nu-Uh, NO, I {Read More}

Pink Sparkles, a Book and Jesus?

Yep, I’m serious. I’m coming back from my writing break with a cute book to share with you that has sparkles and Jesus. Tommy Nelson has published another cute book….   It’s geared for girls ages 2 – 5 years old. I think it’s a great book to buy for them when they are on the younger side with the short, simple phrases. My daughter loves to open the mail, and honestly, so do I when I see it’s another {Read More}

Nerdy Ned ~ Tommy Mommy Review

Totally Awesome, Super-Cool Bible Stories as drawn by Nerdy Ned I’m really excited to share with you today’s book.  How many times have you heard people talk about how difficult it is to find things for boys ages 6-10?  When this came to my door a few weeks ago I flipped through and read some lessons out loud.  It’s one of those books that you can’t help but talk in a game show voice. Reading through it I thought of {Read More}

Harvest Books Giveaway

As a mother, former teacher & former kids coordinator at my church I have a love of kids books, and when I heard about the partnership with Tommy Nelson Publishers I was excited.  Each month I will review 1 or more items and share how my family liked them.  At the end of the post you will be given the opportunity to win your own copy. If you have a local bookstore near you, I ask that you support them, {Read More}