Anxious About Being Anxious

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One month and baby girl will be here (maybe less after all of the cramps I’m having).  I’m a bit nervous even though this will be my 3rd delivery and the other 2 were safe and healthy.  Do you want to hear something funny?  I‘m anxious about being anxious.  The hormones and post-partum depression denied and gone unchecked that led me to so much anxiety is staring me in the face.

Questions of what-ifs swirl in my head.

& then I remember the Freedom that God gave me through counseling and a little medicine.  No shame.

I will not listen to the negative thoughts, but will focus on the positive.  I know that God is a God of redemption and healing.  I need to continue memorizing God’s truths that tell me who I am and Who He is.  The more I focus on myself, the more anxious I become.

Here’s to the next month of deep breaths, prayer and trusting in the amazing God of the universe.  (& maybe a few more snuggles with my kids!)

By the way, if you are expecting, or know someone who is, check out this book my friend co-wrote….The Pregnancy Companion. & Don’t forget to sign up for the book giveaway this month!

What do you do when you begin to feel anxious? 

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  1. Stacy Voss says:

    Virginia, I just love you! Thank you for your transparency. I think so many people get anxious and then feel like they’re wrong for it and try to make themselves stop and end up getting more anxious in the process. Thank you for reminding us that even if we love God with our everything, we still might (ok, WILL!) get nervous. I’m praying you have a smooth delivery.

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