Friday Snapshots and Reads

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Thank you for your patience this week as I took some time off to regroup and take care of my family.  You all are seriously the best!  Your kind words and prayers are overwhelming.  Know that when you ask me to pray, I do as well.  I have a list on my pantry door that I look at throughout the day and pick a request and pray.  
Here are a few shots from the last few weeks in Instagram.  I’m Geeky&Sassy on there, so come find me!  
I love sitting across from them!

Baking Coffee Cake

Farm where we have season passes.

Telling me a story about broccoli and coconuts.

I did a high top knot (with my daughter helping me & she thought it was so fun!)
P.S. To the women in Meijers my Mother’s age – I heard your snarky comment and it hurt my feelings for 10 seconds and then I realized you don’t have the power to ruin my day and moment with my kids.  My daughter was proud of her mommy’s “princess hair” and I like it.  

Just cruisin’ the grocery store.  
To use the caption from Instagram “Oh Yeah” spoken in the voice from Ferris Buehler.  
Here are a few favorites this week from some of my sponsors….

Every Girl Needs Girl Time at 5oh Wifey.  We all need girl friends!

How to Link Your Email to Your Blogger Account at Royal Daughter Designs.  Great information and goodness she has a beautiful blog!  
This Summer I’m Saying Yes at Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Sharing a challenge to herself (and me) to step out of the same old “no for a good reason.”  
Pressed Into A Mold at Barefoot Hippie Girl where she writes about our uniqueness and not comparing ourselves to other writers.  

What are you up to this weekend?  

We’re heading to a fish fry, graduation party and backyard relaxin’.  Have a great one!
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  1. You look adorable with that top knot! Wish I had long enough hair to pull it off 🙂

  2. i love the hair,and i’m not just saying that because we’re friends….it looks awesome! the bangs are rockin’ girl! this might be the only time i’ve been jealous of anyone with bangs before!!!!

  3. You were totally rockin’ the princess hair. You go, girl! Work it!

  4. Well shucks! I was all about to say how much cute your top knot looks…then I saw you included me and well…thank you!

    Seriously though, the top knot looks great. So glad those cranky old ladies didn’t ruin your day.

  5. Love the top knot 🙂 way to not let others let you down 🙂 Your daughter is looking so grown up…wish I could have been there to hear a story about coconuts and broccoli! Have a great weekend!

  6. What fun pics! I love the tube slide one! 🙂

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