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Before I introduce you to two lovely ladies I wanted to let you in on a few things –

1 – I’m over at Better Life Bags sharing another post in my Friendship Series – “Get Over Yourself”

2 – Are you still reading through Matthew (part of the Illuminate Challenge?)  I’ll share a bit this week on what I’m learning.

3 – Lightning struck on Saturday and sadly fried a few electronics in our home.  We’re talking our tv, dryer, stereo, and microwave.  So bummed since we are on a strict budget since I’ve resigned.  Hoping our insurance covers it!

4 – And now, introducing these lovely ladies……

Meet Heather Dawn

I’m a full-time blogger, accessories designer & small business owner living in Oregon.  Here you’ll find a documentation of my life, where I find inspiration, creative projects, tutorials, things I’m crushing on, photography and much more.  

Connect at:

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Meet Ashley:

I am a southern girl now living in California (against her will), the wife of a police officer I call 5ohHubby and a stay at home mother to a beautiful little girl I call 5ohBaby. I received a BA from Florida State (Go Noles!) that started out as an English Degree, ended up a social science degree, and is now being used as a MRS degree (because she’s a wifey now… get it?) Basically she paid FSU lots & lots o’ cash to meet the man of her dreams and be the back up plan in case 5ohHubby decides his days of runnin’ and gunnin’ are over and he’d rather be a stay at home dad (and all the police wives laughed). Her candid musings touch on the issues that speak to the hearts of wives, mothers, and women everywhere.

Favorite Post: 

My favorite resteraunt is Carrabba’s (I know I know) but I seriously love it because I could eat and be happy with every single thing on the menu. I worked there for a few years and college and basically did just that.

Connect at:

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Don’t forget to check out my guest post for the Friendship Series – “Get Over Yourself”

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