I’m Still Here!

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I’m Still Here.

This week there has been a little unexpected time away from blogging.  Here’s a bit of what’s going on with a few prayer requests sprinkled in there.  (Please take this in the least pathetic, whiny voice you can…)

  • My Mom’s chemotherapy is hitting full force.  She’s been getting pretty ill and would appreciate your prayers.  Last chemo is planned for next week.
  • Micah is getting his 2 year molars and had a fever for 2 days.  My ears have been ringing with screaming and whining since last Friday.
  • The Michigan summer has now hit and Eliana is enjoying her kiddie pool and friends coming to play.
  • We went to our marriage class last night and will be sad when it’s done.  We’re learning so much and really enjoying it!
  • I’m still digging through our kids clothes and items to prepare for a garage sale.  The boxes in the living room must exit before the end of the month or my sanity may be gone before it. 
  • Play dates and babysitting, new friends and old.  It’s been a great, busy way to start the summer.  

What has your week been like?

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  1. Poor little guy. Will continue to pray for your mom and the process. Our little guy has been sick and so have I since Thurs. of last week. It makes feeding time quite the drama, no fun.

  2. well, i know you’re alive 🙂

    i’ve missed you and our chat was just what i needed!! i’m sorry you’ve got so much going on. i’ll be praying for you!

    • Ha ha! Tiffany it was so nice to chat on the phone! I can’t believe we’ve never met in real life but I feel like we’ve been friends for so long. Call me again on a Sunday – that worked great!

  3. glad you are still here and can not wait to go to the beach with you this summer

  4. Roberta Schropp says:

    Aw, you sound a little stressed. You should take a day off, haha! My week has been pretty decent compared to yours. Still going to class 3 days a week. This is the last week of classes so EVERYTHING is due so that’s a little stressful. Noah’s is done with pre-school so i’m trying to keep him entertained while doing homework at the same time. Can’t wait for my two week break!

    • I’d love to see you again and meet your little ones. I can’t believe your classes are wrapping up already! You can always come over and let the kids play in the backyard and I’ll watch them while you study.

  5. Sounds like your summer got off with a bang. I hope things calm down for you, and that you an find peace, rest, and even some time to accomplish what you want to, in this next week. Hugs.=)

  6. Still praying for your mom and that you’ll get some rest with your poor little guy. I hated those times.

  7. Poor little Micah! Hope he gets some relief soon! And I’ll be praying for your mom too!

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