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Last week I received some beautiful prints in the mail from BabEblessings.  Jac is a sweet, talented woman who contributed here just a few days ago.  She has been encouraging to me.

The package of prints have a variety of styles.  When I opened them I immediately thought of different people in my life I could send one to.  It’s quite an eclectic bunch sharing words her heart has been grasping to this year.  I picked out my favorites to give you a little peek.

Lord, Quiet the world, so I can hear you.

The bookmark with this prayer is one of my favorites.  I’m  a words person…and these hit me.  I need to be still and listen.

And for those moments when I start to feel anxious I need only to open my eyes from my bed and look to my bookshelves….

I’m thinking of the possible ways I would use the others….

  • Birthday cards
  • A note in the mail to a friend
  • Sliding them in a lunch box
  • Framing one and using it as a dry erase board
  • In a grouping in my stairwell with other photos
  • Some fun ideas with clothes pins like these:

I think I’m going to make something like this for my kids’ room.  Including some Instagram photos in there as well.

Well, enough of the ideas and rambling. I want to tell you that Jac is giving away a set and a printable on her blog this week.  Head over and enter to win!

(I was given these items for review.  These opinions and words are my own.)


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  1. So beautiful! And I love all the ways you thought up to use them! 🙂

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