Swimming Safely

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I grew up around water.  I lived in the water all summer long.  Lake Michigan and pools were my favorite places to hang out.

I played Water Polo in High School and did a Synchronized Swimming Club for 4 years.  With my involvement and love of water I thought a logical next step would be to become a certified lifeguard.

I’m glad I did, and so is an 8 year old girl (who’s now 15).

Water is beautiful, calming, peaceful, and gives life.  And yet is destructive, dangerous and takes lives at times.

Tragically, Rip Currents took the life of a Young Life student after an amazing trip to Colorado with a large group.  God rocked his world on that trip.  And then shook all of us when we got back.   Just days after we all returned he went to be with Jesus.

Pools, still water and calm lakes can be just as dangerous.  That 8 year old girl I mentioned earlier was playing in the water with her sister and a friend years ago.  I was swimming with friends and cooling off in the Michigan summer heat.  The water was crowded and kids were screaming.   Footballs tossed overhead and couples flirting.  People watching, I noticed a girl between the sandbars.  She was bobbing a bit and looked like she was playing….until I noticed no sound coming out of her mouth.

Not a noise.

Without hesitation I swam to her and dragged her to shallow water.  Her 12 year old sister and friend followed me in and questioned what I was doing.

Your friend was drowning.

That was it.  They were shook up.  Full of nerves and embarrassment they walked up the beach and went home.

The beach was full that day.  Full of fun and  laughter.  Just under the surface was a potential tragedy.

I’m glad I was able to be used that day.

Please read this article on what drowning looks like.  It just may save a life.



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  1. I was a life guard briefly, and you never lose that. I watch, watch, watch my kids whenever we are at the beach or a pool. I don’t think going to the beach is a relaxing activity. I know everyone doesn’t feel that way.
    Mama heart confession…I have nightmares about my kids drowning. I will actually jump out of bed, and have to wake myself up, and tell myself that are safe, sleeping in their beds.

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      It is stressful knowing what can happen. I too have had nightmares and anxiety over this. Not fun at all!

  2. Chrissy says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Some people do not get the dangers of LK Michigan

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      It is scary, lake or pool, how easy it is to lose sight of others. Young and old are at risk. Thanks for stopping by Chrissy. Can’t wait to meet you!

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