Fall Candles

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I’m a cheap frugal person.  It makes a huge difference in our economy when we shop local or buy handmade.  With that I want to share with you my candle secrets.

My house smells amazing.  It does because I have beautiful candles.  Want to know my money saving secret?  I buy vintage glassware and go to my local candle shop and they fill them with the scent and color I want.

Do you have a local candle maker you could head to?  I spent less than $3 for the glassware and had them filled.  They match my decor and I refill them with the scent of the season.

What are your favorite fall scents?

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  1. I do the same thing! Love it!

  2. Noelle Itharat says:


    I love this idea! Your blog is wonderful. Thanks for sharing! Where do you go to have them filled? Granted, I’m not up in Michigan but it might give me an idea. I suppose I can figure it out too. We are getting a Hobby Lobby down here (finally). 🙂


    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Thank you! I go to KU Candles in North Muskegon. I just found out that Hobby Lobby isn’t everywhere, so funny!

  3. you are such a smarty pants! my problem now is that I’m already hooked on anthro’s candles!!

  4. what a cute idea! i’ve never heard of such a thing. i’ll have to keep my eyes open for a candle store that will do this!! i bought a cute owl warmer from walmart and the apple cinnamon scent i brought home apparently smells like porta potty to my husband. bummer.

    your candles are beautiful though 😉

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