Christmas Challenge Progress

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The other day I shared this Christmas Challenge we’re taking as a family to not spend one dollar on Christmas presents. Weird, I know.  You can read more here.
This is not a challenge so we can brag about it.  The presents won’t be perfect, but there will be a lot of love and thought going into them.
For example, last February I thrifted a crib dust ruffle.  I took it yesterday and made 2 ruffled aprons out of it.  One for my niece and one for my daughter.  It took just a few minutes and some old thrifted bias tape and two presents were done.
I’ve thought of a few other gifts I’ll be giving this year.  I’ll share them with you as I take pictures.  It doesn’t need to be crafty to be great.  Read some of the comments here and get some ideas.
In the meantime I’ve heard a lot from all of you that you’d like to take on a family challenge yourselves.  If you’re in for spending less or any of the ideas discussed here or others, take a button and share on the bottom of your posts!  Let me know you did in the comments here and I can do a roundup of challenge ideas over the next few weeks. If you don’t have a blog (which I know many of you do not) share on facebook or pinterest and let others know “you’re in”!

Remember, less is more & what matters is eternity, not the amount of money spent.

What is 1 way that you’re challenging your family this Christmas?

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  1. Virginia,

    I love this post. The aprons are DARLING! Super cute. I am already sick of the ads everywhere forcing so much spending on people as THE way to celebrate. I disagree with the marketing. People remember what you do for them or with them, not what you spent on them. Love your idea! You are inspiring!

  2. I’m excited to start making doll clothes. At last all the scraps and notions will find usefulness and spread Christmas joy. Thank you for inspiring us to keep the true meaning of Christmas giving.

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