7 Fabulous (and cheap) Gifts to Make

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An update on my Christmas Challenge in our house….I’ve never been so relaxed around the holidays.  I’m preparing my post to share with you what we’re coming up with.  In the meantime I thought I’d share some inexpensive gifts you could make at home.

Most of them contain items that you probably have around your house or can make for pennies on the dollar.  Just click on the photo to go to the photograph’s source and original article.  

SnowGlobes ~ Our Best Bites

Fleur De Sal Caramels ~ Barefoot Contessa

Martha Stewart – TeaCup Lights (or head to your local candlemaker and have them filled!)

Knotted Headband Tutorial at Love Stitched (use old tees)

Baby Legs with socks from Baby Rocks

Oatmeal – Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

DIY Photography – Create Huge Black And White Prints On The Cheap

Ok, so this one may not be so simple or contain things you have lying around, but isn’t it cute!
Tutorial from Vanessa and Co. over at Sew4Home.

What would you be most likely to attempt as a DIY this year?  Anything above?

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