How To Rock Dirty Hair

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This post was scheduled for last week, but in light of Connecticut I post-poned.  I feel like any post following that tragedy is too soon, but know that I am still praying and do not take it lightly.

As I sit in the coffee shop two teenagers sit down near me and the first thing I hear is a question, “Does my hair look greasy?”  (I promise it’s not my hair that brought that question to mind.  It has been 4 days and I’m heading into day 5.)

This question starts when we turn 12 and haunts us for the rest of our days on earth.

“Dirty Hair” is not as gross as it sounds.  For two years I’ve been “training” my hair to not have to be washed as much.  In that time I have tried numerous products, some of which make my hair greasy on day 2 with or without the help from my skin oils.

Here are the details:

  • We over-wash our hair.  The more we wash our hair, the more our body creates oils to condition.  The less we wash, the less oils our heads produce.
  • Finding the right products make a big difference.
  • Don’t use too many products.
  • If it foams, it’s probably not good.
  • If it’s colored, it’s probably not good.
  • Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.
  • Stop putting your dirty hands through your hair!  Seriously, stop!  Find a different way to fidget.
  • If someone says it looks gross, put a hat on and head to a shower as quickly as possible.  If you’re at home, keep the hat on and fight the urge until the next day.
  • I save a ton of time and damage from a hair dryer.

How do I do it?

Here’s my schedule.  I normally wash after day 4, but at times hit day 5.  Remember if you’ve never done it before, start with every other day.  Then add a day slowly or you’ll look like an oil spill walking down the street.

Day 1 – I put a tiny bit of styling cream in and blow dry my hair straight.  Wash and wear.

Day 2 – I brush through my hair, add a bit of body with my blowdryer and possibly a bit of hairspray. Sometimes I throw a pony in because I like a pony with bangs.

Day 3 – I pull out the dry shampoo and ditch the bangs.  Yes, dry shampoo works if you find the right brand for you. My hair looks white at first, but after it dries and I brush through it, it’s gone.  I also “rat” my hair a bit to lift for extra volume.  Grab a good comb and think about bobby pinning your bangs & some straight hair over it.  Take hold of your hair straightener and make some curls to switch it up.

Day 4 – Dry shampoo is a must.  Brush it through and pin it back a bit differently from the day before.  Maybe a ponytail is in order.

Day 5 (aka Day 2 for those of you starting out) – A high bun or pony is a must with a bit more of dry shampoo.  A bit more ratting for volume and keep your hair away from slicking back to your head (like this picture).  OR like I had to do this week, just wash it.  Any time I feel itchy, I wash it!

Try using a pony with a cute clip or headband in your hair.  It’ll make you forget and you’ll feel super cute!

So, what do I use?  

Hairdryer – after I work out before I do much of anything else I blow dry my hair upside down.

Shampoo – I switched from Aveda to Organix because I think it’s good to switch shampoos, and it was on sale.  Another writer with amazing hair has me wanting to try WEN.  (Hey, tell me when it’s on QVC’s special of the day, will you!?)

Dry Shampoo – Tresemme Fresh Start has worked the best for me.  Not all brands work for my hair.

Hair Spray – Whatever I have on hand.  I use aerosol and try not to use too much.

Styling Cream – Aveda straightening cream, the tiniest bit if it’s humid outside.

Spray Wax – To get my natural curls to form a bit at the ends I use a spray wax, spray and rub it on my hands before using it on my ends.

Do you wash your hair every day?  Do you find this article repulsive?  Are you going to attempt this?  

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  1. I rarely use product (I only have one type I use to make my hair have a curly look) and even still I’ll never shower more than every 3 days, unless it got super dirty.
    I love the look of my hair clean but today I’ve got day . . . um 3 or 4 I think (I have no clue – whoops), and it’s up in a pony that I slept in, pinned to keep it slightly neater with a headband and pinned back bangs.
    My bangs are always the issue so they always get 1-2 good days and then they’re pinned back. I wanna try that dry shampoo – I haven’t found the right one for me yet. Is yours a spray or a powder?

  2. I have been a chronic wash my hair every day person ever since I remember– but mostly, because my hair was short awhile back and I couldn’t just wear it that many days. I have started doing every other day now that it is longer! 🙂 Thanks for this!

  3. thanks for sharing! i’m still learning how to rock dirty hair! i’ve been using baby powder-maybe dry shampoo is in order for me!

  4. If you can get to a LUSH (store) I would check out there dry shampoo it’s amazing I use it almost daily cuz I hate washing my hair. I’ve tried all the other dry shampoos and nothing compares it’ll last you like 3 years no joke for only $10

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