Have A Little Grace

I mention the Influence Conference in this post.  I understand that most of you did not attend.  Please know that what I’m writing applies to everyday life. Grace, undeserved favor. It’s a word that is thrown around and I wonder if it is truly used much outside of God’s grace to us. The first night I wandered down to the stripes party in a dress that didn’t fit well (it was maternity actually).  I began sweating and my bangs stuck {Read More}

How My Writing Was Influenced….

I will be posting things I’ve gleaned this past weekend.  I understand most of you were not able to attend the Influence Conference I went to this weekend.  Please know that what I’m writing also applies to everyday life.  & there will be more things I will be sharing.  Too much for 1 post. I cannot begin to put into words what God did in my heart and life this weekend.  As open as I am sharing my life with {Read More}