Anxiety Update

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I’ve had some people email me privately asking about my medications for my anxiety….
I don’t want to share specific medications on my blog, but I will share with you (in no particular order) some things I’ve learned or have been doing over the past months ~

Just remember

Everybody is different 
Every-Body is different….
What has worked for me, may not work for you.

  • I’ve been taking a low dose of my medicine (and stepped it up just a bit – which I guess is normal) and have been feeling better.  I have an “emergency” Rx I keep in my purse if I feel like I’m going to have an attack. 
  • I’m hoping to be able to transition off of my meds next spring (2013) per my doctor.  Some people need to stay on them for life, while others go on and off of them or just go on them once.  
  • I haven’t had an attack in quite some time, but I am now more in tune with what feelings go with anxiety attacks.  If I’m hoping to go off of the medication for the long haul I want to be able to recognize the symptoms and learn to calm myself now.  
  • If I feel a lot of stress, it may be two weeks ’til it shows up physically in the form of an anxiety attack.  I’m a “suck it up” and “get it done” kind of girl so recognizing and avoiding stressful situations is very important.  
  • I have gained weight – not sure if it’s the medication or the fact that my gym membership expired and I haven’t really exercised like I was!  (I’ll blame the meds).  
  • We did make it a priority with our Christmas money gifted us to get a spin bike, so there are no excuses in the cold Michigan winters with the kids.  I know exercise will help a lot!
  • I have been working on (and my husband can say I’m nowhere near perfect) on my eating habits.  I have been known to focus on making healthy choices for the kids, but not so good at following through for myself.
  • My husband and I have talked through (outside of an anxious moment) how I need him to respond to me….how to truly help and avoid his “fix it” mentality.
  • I went through an amazing Bible study group that truly helped me dig in and realize the lies I was believing and living out in my life.  
  • I have made it a priority to start my day with God rather than try to fit Him into “my” busy schedule.  Spending time with Him and learning to trust in Him with ALL things.  
  • I have gone to the chiropractor a few times to be adjusted.  The pain that was in my chest is connected to my chiropractic issues and not a heart issue.
  • My family and friends around me (and that includes all of you) have been so amazing!  God is showing me that I’m not alone in all of this.  Not only is God here for me, but all of you!  Thank you!
  • In addition, I had some amazing advice from fellow friend bloggers (who I truly appreciate, but will not mention their names due to privacy).  They truly answered a million questions I had and supported me.  Thank you.  

So, as I travel through this struggle of anxiety I will continue to share bits and pieces with you.  If you ever have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

If you struggle with anxiety – what do you do?  Or what would you like to tell those around that don’t understand?

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