Mother’s Day Warning : If you give a sewing machine….

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This a take off from If You Give a Pig a Pancake and others by Laura Numeroff.  The cutest books ever!  Even the Illustrations by Felicia Bond are just adorable.  Check them out and read them over and over to your kids/grandkids!  

I wrote this in honor of my awesome husband last year as Father’s Day approached.  I’m pulling this out to share for Mother’s Day (ideas).  **wink, wink**

If you give your mom a sewing machine,
she’ll probably want some fabric to go with it.
You’ll give her some of your favorite Gutterman thread.  
She’ll ask you for some buttons.
When you give her the buttons she’ll probably as you for some glue.
You’ll have to find your glue gun.
The glue gun will remind her of her Grandmother’s broken tea cup.
She might get excited and want to go thrifting.
She’ll want you to come too.
On the way there she sees a picture frame by the road.
It will remind her of a photo from Pinterest.
She makes you stop and pick it up.  
You’ll have to buy some spray paint.  
You’ll (finally) get to the thrift shop and see old t-shirts and sweaters.
She’ll ask to borrow some money to buy them.
Then she’ll see an old vase just like the one on Etsy.
She’ll snap a picture and post it to Instagram,
You’ll probably have to give her more money.
On the way out she’ll see some vintage sheets.  
They look just like the ones from when she was little.  
She decides she has to make a dress and a quilt out of it.  
You take her to the local fabric store to buy some batting.
But when she gets the batting she’ll need some thread.
and chances are if you give her some thread….
she’ll want a serger to go with it.

What gift item do you feel gets out of control in your home?

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  1. This is so cute. This is totally me. I’ll have multiple projects going from refinishing furniture to sewing a bunch of stuff and one trip to the fabric store often ends up at thrift stores which leads me to…. 😉

  2. Hi,

    I would really like to share this WONDERFUL poem. Who do I give credit to?

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      I am so sorry! I have been taking a writing break. I wrote the words, inspired by the children’s book 😉

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